Shesa stunner

27 07 2013

Kestrel in sunset light in the Spring Creek arroyo.

Kestrel in lovely, almost-sunset light in the Spring Creek arroyo in Spring Creek Basin.

I love the way her golden coat mirrors the golden arroyo wall glowing in the background.

Spring Creek, Spring Creek Basin

6 07 2012

More rain in the basin this afternoon. In the northeastern part of the basin, against the northeastern ridges that form the boundary.

I drove in this evening with a friend, and we crossed Spring Creek – a little muddier/puddlier (yes, that’s a word; I just invented it!) than the pic I posted on the blog previously – a little after 7:30 p.m.

Before 9 p.m., we were heading back out of the basin … and saw this:

Looking upstream.

Looking downstream. At lower right are my tracks from earlier (driving left to right).

Looking all kind of silly dancing around praising the rain that fell earlier. 🙂

Spring Creek flows only during rain events – and it might take awhile for that rain water to get from there to here. In fact, we drove down to the canyon after this – and the water hadn’t made it that far yet!

Stoked, my friends. Simply stoked. 🙂