In the folds

30 11 2018


Puzzle in the lovely late light that accentuates the folds and furrows of late autumn in Spring Creek Basin. You’d never know winter was on our horizon by the still-dry conditions. We’ll take rain or snow, but we need moisture.

Lovely lady of the wild

29 11 2018


Lady Winona of Spring Creek Basin.

My GOODNESS, isn’t she stunning?!

True gold

28 11 2018

Gaia; La Sal Mountains


Just that. 🙂

Shadow between the peaks

27 11 2018

Shadow; McKenna Peak and Temple Butte

Another bluebird day with just a little Shadow on the land. 🙂

Always a presence

26 11 2018


Skywalker the handsome. What a hunk. 🙂

All the beautiful long way

25 11 2018

Hollywood's band; Filly Peak

Sometimes the long view is the best view.

Still thankful

24 11 2018


Sundance, he of the flaming mane, strides toward the end of day in Spring Creek Basin.