In tandem

31 12 2014

Winona and Terra

Winona and Terra graze together on a snowy hill on a sunny day.

As you can see, there’s snow on the ground, and there’s bare ground. Relatively cold temperatures have preserved some snow, and the weather folks say more is on the way for New Year’s Day!

Two bay boys

29 12 2014

Apollo and Duke

Because their photo shoot was so rudely interrupted yesterday, we rescheduled today.

Their winter coats always look so rich and warm against the snow. It’s always nice to see the rich-in-wisdom elder(s) passing on their knowledge to the younger fellows.

Friendly bombers

28 12 2014

Apollo and Duke, photobombed by Kreacher and Killian.

Apollo and Duke were having a friendly greeting when Kreacher and Killian did the walk-on-by. A photobomb of the handsomest kind!

Wee bits of white bits

27 12 2014

Pintos - Spirit and Corazon - in the snow.

More of the pintos, more of the snow. You can never get enough of either. 🙂

Stocking stuff(er)

26 12 2014

Pintos in the snow

The mustangs were very good boys and girls this year, and so they awoke to the best possible gift on Christmas morning – snow! Seeing the pintos was a pretty close second in the “best gift” category.

The wind initially blew the snowflakes sideways. I’m pretty sure those flakes originated over Dolores County (to the south) and landed somewhere in Montrose County (to the north).

But eventually, the wind calmed, and the snow started to settle – and melt on the warm ground. Finally, all the elements came together. The sky descended, and the snow fell steadily. All told, the delivery amounted to more than an inch of gold snow. 🙂

It was a pretty nice Christmas in Disappointment Valley!

Merry Christmas

25 12 2014

Gaia and Cassidy Rain, McKenna Peak and Temple Butte

Take Time to See

It seems so hard to understand.
As I look out across the land
That all I view belongs to me.
I ought to take more time to see!

The distant hills and mountains high
The rolling clouds and bright blue sky.
No one can take these views from me
As long as I have eyes to see.

A timid deer with haunting look
Who stands refreshed by yonder brook
Knows not that he belongs to me.
Oh, what a thrilling sight to see!

The song of birds so gay and clear
That fill the morning air with cheer.
And fragrant flowers of every hue
That stand erect bedecked with dew.
All these and more belong to me
If I but use my eyes to see.

When evening shadows gather nigh
And twinkling stars light up the sky
I hear my master say to me
“I made it all for you to see.”
My heart grows warm with faith and pride
To know that he is by my side.

~ Ray F. Zaner


This poem is printed in the Leanin’ Tree Christmas card sent to me from my parents, and it so perfectly captures the love we feel for America’s wild horses and burros that I wanted to share it with all of you on this special day.

Very merry Christmas to each of you. Thank you for all the ways in which you support mustangs and burros.

May the magic of wild creatures and wild places bless you every single day.

Watching for …

24 12 2014

… Santa?


Mysterium actually was watching two other horses at a distance, but tonight, anything is possible!

Merry Christmas Eve!

Storm chaser

23 12 2014

Storm, McKenna Peak and Temple Butte

Have you seen too much McKenna Peak and Temple Butte? Good! Storm and his band had the best view in the house the evening of winter solstice.

Well, that’s arguable; I’m pretty sure that with Storm and his band in the foreground, I’m the one with the very best view (even if all the snow is far away).

Winter solstice

22 12 2014

Juniper in the last rays of light at twlight on the winter solstice.

Juniper picks her way through the sage as the last diffuse light of the year’s shortest day fades beyond Round Top. Shades of grey look almost purple. Very little sunshine, which is a hopeful sign for the snow in the forecast.

Their world

20 12 2014

1511 Chrome, McKenna Peak and Temple Butte

Such intelligence, curiosity, alertness – presence – and present in the world, his world.

Chrome is backed by McKenna Peak and Temple Butte – icons of Spring Creek Basin. The snow looks great in the background, but the foreground was pretty bare of snow. However, the ground was damp, and that’s always a good thing.


Happy birthday, Kat!