Love will see us through (we hope)

28 02 2022

We still have a nice cover of snow … but it’s melting rapidly, and we have temps near 60 – SIXTY – in the forecast! The parched ground is soaking up the snow super-fast.


In another note, thanks to a comment from reader TamrahJo, I remembered this pic that I took with my phone a couple of days ago while snowshoeing out to a couple of bands in the basin:

The first “shape” I saw was the big “heart.” It looks like someone drew the lines with a stick or something, but I promise you that that “someone” was NOT me, nor was there any evidence at all of another human being out there (there’s almost never any other evidence of humans hiking where I hike).

I can’t explain it, but with all the hate rampant in the world, I’d like to offer this image and what it (might) represent (to humans, anyway) as a simple antidote: From Mother Nature to the world, with love.

A little kiss of light

27 02 2022

Hollywood walks through the snowy basin, following his mares, just as the sun found an opening between a single cloud in the otherwise clear sky and the far ridges along the southwestern edge of Disappointment Valley.

When the pronghorn run

26 02 2022

Rowan, Aiyanna, Dundee and Buckeye were enthralled by the sight of four pronghorn bucks running through the snow below their hill.

I was enthralled by these mustang beauties. 🙂

Lovely white moisture

25 02 2022

We definitely have snow – and mud when the sunshine starts working on all that snow. 🙂

The important part of that is that … we definitely have SNOW, which is to say that we have moisture.

It is SO good to have moisture. I’m sure Temple would agree!

Heavy white

24 02 2022

Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes” … and in my mane and forelock …

Maiku didn’t seem to mind the snow falling in dazzling great flakes … but none of the ponies were very happy with the biting graupel the wind sent peppering us this second day of snow!

The day the snow came

23 02 2022

I know, right!?!!?!?

Tenaz seems to be reflecting surprise at the change in conditions in Spring Creek Basin. 🙂 We seem to have gotten anywhere between 6.5 inches and 8.5 inches, though it was wonderfully wet snow and melting even as it was falling throughout the day (the whole day!).

More is on tap for today. We are overjoyed!

Thank you all for dancing and praying and wishing and hoping and sending your good snow thoughts!! And if you’re in a place that needs moisture (looking at you, California), snow wishes for you, too!

Wild and wild in wild

22 02 2022

You can hike with them. You can mosey while they graze along. You can nap while they nap.

They – wild horses – are always as they are. No artifice, no guile, no pretense.

Your – my – presence is just something that ebbs and flows throughout their daily lives … most of which involves not a single human being at all.

But without my – your? our? – presence, scenes like that above, which happen most days, would go … what? Unnoticed? Unwitnessed? Unappreciated? By humans, surely.

We have so much to learn from them – from wild horses … from wild … everything.

Not the best white stuff

21 02 2022

Most unfortunately, the white stuff on the ground below Maia is not snow. It’s salt that comes up through the soil here.

But hey, eyes up here! Maia is most deserving of admiring glances, not the dry ground. 🙂 And her “white stuff” is pretty much the best stuff.

We have rain/snow in our forecast starting today and going through Wednesday. All good wishes for us to ACTUALLY get moisture are welcome!

That natural look

20 02 2022

Now, ladies, don’t be jealous. Hollywood does have the best hairdresser in the business; she goes by “Mother Nature.” 😉

To best advantage

19 02 2022

Corazon shows off his big namesake heart. 🙂