31 03 2020


In this time of everyone’s lives being turned upside down and inside out because of the coronavirus and efforts of people to stay healthy and keep others safe by staying home, I wish for you all some brief peace in the form of these images from Spring Creek Basin.

Out here, it’s still possible to believe in the goodness and beauty and magic of the wild world.

Stay safe and healthy.

Shine on

30 03 2020


Even under clouds, magic glows.

Nap with a view

29 03 2020


The weather was lovely for a nap. There was a skiff of snow in the morning, but it didn’t last long.

Colorado-style spring

28 03 2020


Shadow the always feisty cavorts through the weird, random, wild, crazy and WONDERFUL snow squall we got yesterday in Spring Creek Basin. It didn’t last, and it didn’t stick (here – though it did, ever-so-briefly – lower in Disappointment Valley), but it brought us just a skosh of moisture, and we have to be grateful for every little smidge we get.

Thanks to all who crossed fingers, thumbs and toes, said prayers and danced jigs for us to get moisture!

Poster girl

27 03 2020


Pretty Winona on a pretty day in Spring Creek Basin.

We’re crossing our fingers for rain today and tonight. In such strange times, it seems so weirdly normal to be doing such a small thing as hoping for rain.

Nap perfect

26 03 2020


Puzzle took advantage of the spring sunshine to catch a little nap with gal pal Spirit.

No clouds are on display in this image, but if a cloud crossed the sun, the wind kept things on the chilly side.

Wildflowers are blooming in some southern places (thanks, Mom, for the pic ofย  bluebonnets in Texas!), but we’re still quite a bit behind that kind of spring display. ๐Ÿ™‚

Every which way

25 03 2020


Gaia’s mane looks a bit like that commercial with the half-shaved golden retriever, eh? Like someone gave her a bit of a trim … but left the dredlocks dangling.

It was another windy day in the basin under a cloudy sky.

Light before wet

24 03 2020


This …


and this …


led to a little of this yesterday afternoon. ๐Ÿ™‚ Note the rain in the background. We did get a little dampness.

Girls, sync’d

23 03 2020


Everybody’s fuzzy, still.

Everybody’s getting ready to shed, finally.

Greater distance

22 03 2020


Way out yonder, wild horses graze. Our most recent little weather system brought some snow to the higher places above the east-southeast side of the basin. But the waves of infrequent, light rain we got a few days ago is all we’ve had here in the lower elevations. What’s that all about? The dry lands could use some more moisture.