Picture of elegance

17 01 2020


Alegre the very most beautiful pauses for a momentary portrait with Brumley Point in the background.

Cutest dirty grey boy

16 01 2020


We’ve had some warm weather – and by warm, I mean low 50s – so our snow is melting, seeping into the thirsty earth.

No worries, though! Rain (!) is in the forecast … followed by snow. 🙂 We’re ready!

Walls and layers

15 01 2020


The view that’s worth a second look. That handsome bay pony is ALWAYS worth a look. 🙂

Pretty girls in pretty snow

14 01 2020


While we were back in the east pocket, we could hear baying hounds. We never saw them – they seemed to be up on the ridge to the north (more to the left out of frame), but the horses were well aware of them.

Family portrait

13 01 2020


Houdini was feeling shy. See her – just barely – behind Hollywood?

And Shane was feeling so good in the sunshine while a few flakes continued to fall, she just didn’t feel like turning around.

That’s Brumley Point in the background.

We didn’t get much snow with this system, but we still have enough that I was wearing my snowshoes to visit them. 🙂

Gently wafting

12 01 2020


My favorite kind of snow. … The falling kind! 🙂


11 01 2020



You’re so very welcome. 🙂

P.S. We got snow *yesterday*. Not much – just a dusting on top of what we had – but it was welcome. As was the sunshine that came afterward!