Almost never

17 08 2022

Flat Top, Round Top, submarine ridge, McKenna Peak and Temple Butte are all visible … under rain. 🙂

Sweet, blessed rain.

(As for the title of this post … we *almost never* get rolling clouds like that. … Thank goodness we *sometimes* get clouds like that. :))

Happy anniversary, Mom & Dad!

16 08 2022

The couple that gets muddy together – working hard together! – stays together? 🙂

Especially when rainbows form overhead. 🙂

Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad – 53 years! Amazing! 🙂 So wonderful to spend time with ya’ll recently (even with a few mustang sightings) in wild Wyoming!

(If you have them to spare, a few prayers for cooler weather and RAIN won’t go amiss with anniversary wishes for my folks in Central Texas. It is HOT there and terribly dry, and they sure could use some relief.)

The very golden air

15 08 2022

Dust in the air, tinged by low, almost-sunset light … ahhh.

And just in case eyes are getting gritty, noses are starting to run …

This might be why. 🙂 There’s a whole lotta *lot* in that air out there.

Birds of a feather

14 08 2022

Handsome horseness brought to you by a few flying feathered friends. 🙂 I think they were his escort as he prepared to greet a neighbor stallion.

Mr. Magnificent

13 08 2022


What a hunk. 🙂

A life of wild

12 08 2022

Lovely, wise Winona looks a little disheveled as late summer holds heat and dryness, but we are sliding inexorably toward autumn, with cooler days and nights ahead. Hold on, beautiful. Just a bit longer …

A sigh

11 08 2022

A prayer for peace. … And a thousand more … then a thousand more …

Happy birthday, Dad!

10 08 2022

This image of wonderful, handsome Sundance is a perfect tribute to my handsome, wonderful dad. 🙂 Always there for me and his family.

I love you, Dad! 🙂

Gettin’ along, goin’ along

9 08 2022

Temple and some pals watch a pronghorn buck following his little group of does and fawns up on the western edge of Spring Creek Basin amid glowing 4 o’clock.

Another bit of rainbow magic

8 08 2022

As I was transfixed by this sight of a couple of bands gathered around one of the ponds in Spring Creek Basin, another magical sight was forming over my right shoulder.

Sometimes, you see the things you need most to see … just when you need to see them. And any worries or anxieties melt away in light of the vision before you.

A wide-open view of a wide-open place, crowned by the very best light.

And did I mention that the 4 o’clock is blooming again? No? Well … it is. 🙂