What the heart wants

31 08 2022

Our Hollywood is all that shines with classic goodness. 🙂

The gold in golden hour

30 08 2022

Terra IS a golden girl!

Slick chick

29 08 2022

Little Spirit is still summer-slick, but it won’t be long and she and the rest of the mustangs will be starting their winter coats. Meanwhile, we’re still enjoying the bounty of this summer.

Hunting the just-right

28 08 2022

When you can be picky about your grazing spot, you know there’s some good grass growing!

Juniper hunts for juuuuuuust the right blades of monsoon-green grama and galleta grass.

At farthest left, the skeleton of the dead pinon is proof that our drought is never far from our thoughts or reality.

Happiness is …

27 08 2022

I’m not normally a person given to repeating quotes, but I saw this one the other day, and it resonated with me deeply:

“The grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love and something to hope for.” Attributed to Joseph Addison.

For me, happiness centers around mustangs, in particular, the mustangs of Spring Creek Basin and Disappointment Valley. They give me so much more than mere happiness. 🙂

Land o’ plenty

26 08 2022

Chipeta likes to help illustrate the yummy green grass. This particular area of Spring Creek Basin is thick with alkali sacatone/sand dropseed. I love the squeaks these particular types of grasses make as the horses graze. It’s the sound of *plenty*.

Softest swish

25 08 2022

Just a couple of minutes after the photos from yesterday’s post and the day’s before were taken, the sun settled behind a cloud – or the cloud parked itself in front of sun – and the light softened. Crickets (?) and chirrups and the sigh of breeze and the warmth of an August evening became the most important things, and all was well with the world as the bands grazed and moseyed, enjoying that rich growth of rain-watered native grass.


24 08 2022

Dundee has caught up to Rowan and Aiyanna, their interest caught by a nearby little band.

If you look closely, you can see the dapples in Rowan’s coat, a sign of glowing good health.

The green, green grass of home

23 08 2022

It’s hard to believe that it has been nearly a year since Rowan and Aiyanna (and Dundee) came to Spring Creek Basin from Sand Wash Basin. Without, great changes turn the world. Within, life goes on much as it always has.

Other than Rowan’s weirdly shortened tail and mane (no, I haven’t seen the other horses chewing on it, and no, I still don’t know what causes it, among any of the mustangs), the girls are looking as gorgeous as ever. … As is the basin itself. Home.

Full to the brim

22 08 2022

Have I mentioned the recent GREEN in Spring Creek Basin? Yes? Oh, good. … ‘Cuz it’s there. 🙂

Along with a little of this:

Two perspectives of Spring Creek, flowing with rainwater, the day before yesterday. The first image is directly as the road crosses the creekbed/arroyo; the second is just to the right – water flowing toward us. Interestingly, the road was dry to this point, but clearly it had rained in the northern and eastern (at least) regions of Spring Creek Basin. By this point, the major arroyos of the basin have converged (though there are still some that feed the creek’s westward drainage). The water was neither high (deep) nor terribly fast, but I didn’t cross. There are times to respect Mother Nature’s obstacles, and I deemed this to be one of those times.

Also a good bit of this:

This is the pond near the hill we call Flat Top. It’s rare to see it so full of water that it backs up so far to the right.

And this is the east-pocket pond, way back in the far eastern region of Spring Creek Basin, also full to the gills.

The pond pix were taken the day before those of Spring Creek running, which was the day after I got soaked going into the basin and getting caught in a lovely little drenching that did NOT go ’round. 😉

All the ponds are so excellently full; the above two are just examples.

So grateful. So very, very grateful.