Day of peace

31 08 2018

Storm; McKenna Peak

Storm of Spring Creek Basin.


Oh, how we love him.

Copper and flaxen

30 08 2018

Gaia; McKenna Peak at far right, Temple Butte just left of back center.

This photo of Gaia was taken a couple of smoky weeks ago, but the beautiful girl is always worth sharing. 🙂 Our skies are much clearer now after a bit of rain, but we seem to still be as dry as ever. A few long, drizzly showers would do our ranges a world of good as we slide toward fall.

Braids gone wild

29 08 2018


Juniper had her hair done by her girlfriends … then there was a little hiking and a bit of summer breezes and some mud baths. Her braids are looking a bit weatherworn … but she’s still beautiful. 🙂

Mine, all mine

28 08 2018

Kestrel and Comanche

Get back home, you!

Kestrel wasn’t reallllllly wandering … but during her peaceful grazing, she wandered too close to another band. And Comanche – apparently – did not like that one little bitty bit. 🙂

Hard to blame him; he and Mistress Kestrel have been together for a very long time. They’re basin royalty.


27 08 2018

Hollywood and Alegre

Handsome Hollywood keeps watch while his band grazes (Alegre in the background).

Lovely little walk

26 08 2018


Isn’t Spirit a gorgeous little girl? She IS little, and she’s just as sweet as she looks.

In good news, Disappointment Valley got a good dose of wet stuff yesterday evening. It wasn’t in the forecast, but it sure was a fabulous surprise!


25 08 2018


Who doesn’t know Skywalker at a glance? 🙂


Shadow lands

24 08 2018


Shadows mean clouds. Clouds mean relief.

We did get the teeniest amount of wet spots dotting the earth in the last couple of days. Enough to give us hope for more.


Special greetings to Sue and Dennis Story on their 44th wedding anniversary. 🙂

Scrutinized, 2

23 08 2018


It’s a plethora of pintos!

Sweet Spirit is a curious girl!


22 08 2018


Yeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssss? Corazon seems to ask.

Nothing, buddy. Just admiring your hunkiness. 🙂