She had an ‘itch’

31 01 2016


Piedra cracks me up, pretending she has an itch so she can keep an eye on what’s going on behind her. Horses don’t lie? Maybe not, but they’re capable of multitasking!

Gold ‘n shadows

30 01 2016

Gold and shadows


Oh, does your heart sing at the simple – beautiful – sight of mustangs on the vast landscape?


29 01 2016



Seneca doesn’t seem pleased with her choice of shelter from the wind that brought flying snow and graupel during a brief squall last week. Finally, she galloped and bucked her way through the storm to join her friends, resulting in the out-of-focus photo previously posted.


28 01 2016



Black-Shadow girl wears her snow splendidly.

A little bit of spotlight

27 01 2016


While it was snowing over Spring Creek Basin, the ridges to the far south were still spotlit by sunshine. The whiteout didn’t last long, and pretty soon, the whole area was back in Mother Nature’s spotlight.

With his fuzzy black-and-white coat, the squall never bothered stout Corazon at all; this was one of the few pix where his head is up, not down grazing.


26 01 2016



Even though I missed focus on Seneca in this shot, I still like it for the snow and her gallop through it. She could be any and all mustangs on a snow-day frolic through a winter wonderland!

And even though it looks very wintry, the snow is melting quickly. We didn’t get nearly as much out of the last system as everyone else – again.


25 01 2016

Copper, Temple Butte


It’s always a great visit with the ponies when we can combine mustang-wild beauty and the ever-changing face of Temple Butte. Snow was moving out of the area, and the promontory was rising out of the clearing fog and snow. Copper, as usual, wondered why the heck I was sitting in the snow with a big grin on my face. 🙂


24 01 2016


Look at that round little belly! Killian was trying to take shelter from the graupel – or maybe he thought I wouldn’t see him under the trees.


23 01 2016


Mostly, the ponies didn’t mind the periods of wind and snow (graupel), but at least one took the opportunity to show her frisky side with a toss of her head that made her mane really fly!


22 01 2016


Painted pony Reya walks through a snow-globe world. The snow was really graupel – little snow pellets – and it was blowing ahead of a fierce wind out of the west. It didn’t last awfully long, and we had the gift of sunshine at the very end of the day.