Mostly still …

30 11 2016


… but for strands of his mane, waving in the wind.

Home, sweet home

29 11 2016

Temple Butte, Round Top, Flat Top and Brumley Point from Filly Peak.

From this vantage point on the “back side” of Filly Peak, you can see Temple Butte, Round Top, Flat Top and Brumley Point. There be mustangs among those weathered folds of hills and arroyos.


Grey girl at peace

28 11 2016


Alegre was resting in the sunshine after her own day at the spa. She was completely at ease, with her family around her … just the way it’s supposed to be for our mustangs.

A single strand

27 11 2016


Sometimes, a single strand of anything is all you need to get started – toward everything.

It was really windy this day in Spring Creek Basin. 🙂

Hidey horse

26 11 2016


Sweet Storm must have thought he had a chance of hiding in the pinon-juniper. He has a pretty guaranteed chance of looking totally handsome, rimmed by sunlight!


Walk, welcome

25 11 2016

Kwana, La Sal Mountains

Handsome Kwana walks into the sunset … a little cloudy on this windy day in Spring Creek Basin. We’d like to see more cloudy days over the basin, especially if those clouds herald rain or snow.


Happy post-turkey dinner!

Holiday of gratitude

24 11 2016

Storm, McKenna Peak and Temple Butte

Happy Thanksgiving to all those whose gratitude for wild places and the wild lives that inhabit these places helps keep those beautiful lives wild and free. With your voices, you speak for the wildness that we love.

Endless thanks!

Just that beautiful

23 11 2016

La Sal Mountains, Utah

Imagine mustangs. They’re there.

A little to the left. Down the hill. On the other side of the arroyo. 🙂

And then the light was gone.

The mustangs live on.

Chinny chin

22 11 2016


Do you love Raven’s white chinny-chin-chin? 🙂

Shades of gold

21 11 2016


Pretty girl Winona on a pretty fall day.