Heat ‘n haze

30 06 2017

Grazers, Filly Peak

Filly Peak rarely gets the mention on this blog that Temple Butte and McKenna Peak do, yet it’s just as visible from many parts of Spring Creek Basin and lower Disappointment Valley.

This was a hazy, smoky day, but the mustangs didn’t mind at all.

Flow of light

29 06 2017


The evening light in Disappointment Valley has been beautiful lately. By the time those shadows are stretching as far as possible, the air is cooling (though the gnats are not fading), and all you have to do is focus on how gorgeous is this part of the amazing world.


28 06 2017

S'aka, Temple Butte

Lots of on-by walkin’ goin’ on these days. All the better to evade the gnats!

S’aka the mighty looks like a giant against Temple Butte and McKenna Peak. 🙂


27 06 2017

Storm and Gaia, McKenna Peak and Temple Butte

Storm and Gaia take a quick pony nap in a rare bit of cloud-induced shade while Temple Butte and McKenna Peak are shining in the sunlight. Clouds are in short supply, and we relish every bit of shade that comes our way.

Doin’ the walk-on-by

26 06 2017

Comanche, Temple Butte

Big boy Comanche has a bit of a belly. Must be goooooooood livin’. 🙂

Into the jungle

25 06 2017


Actually, just down into an arroyo while crossing to the hill yonder. But it looks green, so we like it. 🙂

That gorgeous girl

24 06 2017


Kestrel looks at her band mates to see if they see what she sees, and whether they’re alarmed and she ought to be. 🙂

They weren’t, and she wasn’t.