Peaceful, easy feelin’

14 10 2017

Winona, La Sal Mountains

I wouldn’t look at the photographer, either, if I had grass like that. 🙂


Dear politicians …

31 08 2017

Killian, La Sal Mountains

Seriously, it’s time to put an end to the myth that all wild horses are starving on all public rangelands that they (and they alone) have destroyed.


Spring Creek Basin mustangs


Link to links about how to help people and animals suffering from the after-effects of Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

My folks have lived in Texas since 1992 (after an earlier tour of duty there in the early 1980s). Fortunately, they were on the northwestern edge of the swirl and are grateful for rain received after extremely hot and dry conditions. Our hearts are with all those affected by the devastation.

In living color

28 07 2017

Rain over the La Sal Mountains at sunset.

Rain at sunset over Utah’s La Sal Mountains, looking to the northwestish – golden rain.


And looking to the eastish across Spring Creek Basin to McKenna Peak, Temple Butte, Brumley Point and beyond … pink rain.

Mother Nature has a pretty amazing palette out here in the wide, wild, beautiful world. 🙂

Quite a view

28 04 2017

Maia, La Sal Mountains

Maia and the La Sals.


Luck of the view

20 04 2017

Killian's, Filly Peak and the La Sal Mountains

And there they are. Mustangs in a big, beautiful, wild land.



17 04 2017

Houdini, Maia and Alegre

Spending time with the mustangs renews your faith in the world. Mostly because the rest of the world seems far, far away when you’re with them. 🙂

Soggy … wonderful

29 03 2017

Winona and Mariah; La Sal Mountains.

It wasn’t at all soggy when this photo of Winona and Mariah was taken, last weekend, but it IS soggy now.

It was so soggy, and with more rain in Tuesday’s forecast, that the University of Missouri students – here again for alternative spring break! – canceled yesterday’s work in Spring Creek Basin. 🙂 But tomorrow calls for sunshine and high temps in the 50s, so we’re looking forward to meeting this year’s crop of hard-working students and getting some more fence work done!

We are VERY happy about the rain. It brings us to nearly an inch of moisture for the month of March. (Yikes. March is supposed to be the wettest month in Colorado.)