A little bit of perfection

20 08 2022

Bands taking advantage of good grass and good, clean water at Spring Creek Basin’s main/original water catchment (tank at far left, trough just a bit to the right of it).

This is looking basically northwest … rain falling over Utah’s La Sal Mountains and monsoon clouds shading part of lower Disappointment Valley. There’s a hint of green in them thar hills … and for that, we are grateful beyond words.

Half-grey, 2

12 05 2022

The mud does show better on a very grey mustang. 🙂

The curious case of the half-grey mustang

10 05 2022

Sundance has been doing a bit of, er, mud-dipping lately, it seems. 🙂

Not a sight we like

6 05 2022

This image is from the evening of May 4. I’m not sure whether it’s in far western Colorado or actually in Utah. Also not sure whether it’s a prescribed burn (I can’t imagine, in these dry, windy conditions …) or nature-caused … or from someone careless with fire in these dry, windy conditions.

People are out and about after winter “confinement” (which isn’t that terrible here in the hinterlands, so close to accessible desert regions!?).

I would have this message for all those I see camping and zooming up and down and around in their side-by-sides and other vehicles: Please be careful of what you leave in your wake. Some people and many more animals live in the places you choose to visit.

Windy, dusty days

25 04 2022

Colorado spring = strong wind = dusty horizons.

Admiring the view

17 04 2022

Mustangs and light and Spring Creek Basin in Disappointment Valley … all the way to Utah.


From their birth-range of Sand Wash Basin, within sight of Wyoming, to Spring Creek Basin, within sight of Utah, Dundee, Rowan and Aiyanna have come a long way … and continue to live wild and free. 🙂

Renewal of seasons, affirmation of wild.

Happy Easter. 🙂

Speedy wanderers

15 04 2022

More pronghorns have visible recently. I love to see these fleet-footed “speed goats.”

Not green yet

4 04 2022

The horses are now chasing the green as if on a very important mission (which it very much is after a mostly dry winter). Though it doesn’t look very green in the above pic, it’s coming up, still close to the ground. Cassidy Rain looked up very briefly from her grazing to check on the whereabouts of her stallion, moseying along slower than the rest of the band.

Top ‘o the world

29 03 2022

Hard to believe this was all under a vast sea at one point, millennia past, eh? We don’t need floods, but we do need rain.



As of about 8 a.m., we had received the most lovely 0.18 inch of wonderful, grass- and greasewood- and other-growing and -greening rain. 🙂

Happy, happy goes the dance!


26 03 2022

I love showing these near-and-far images, and I hope you, dear readers, enjoy seeing them! We have such spectacular imagery within Spring Creek Basin and beyond, not limited to our magnificent mustangs. 😉