Not enough white

4 02 2018

Kwana; La Sal Mountains

Those patches of snow are gone, though damp spots on the earth still linger in shady places. The snow on the La Sals is rapidly fading to the grey of the rock below as the sun shines relentlessly down during this winter of discontent.


Today is the fifth anniversary of the passing of a beloved friend, Pati Temple. Even as we continue to mourn her loss, we celebrate her life and the shining light she was to all creatures, especially Spring Creek Basin’s mustangs.



23 01 2018

Corazon; La Sal Mountains

There’s our snow and our Corazon!

With a bit of snow – the second, third (?) time this winter? – our hearts are happy!

Corazon is very happy, too. He’s just a very, very coooooooolll dude. 🙂

Golden boy

20 01 2018

Hollywood; La Sal Mountains

Hollywood. So glamorous. Sigh.

So much to love

3 11 2017

Winona; Spring Creek canyon

Winona enjoys the view on a glorious fall evening in Spring Creek Basin.

Big boy, big mountains

31 10 2017

Skywalker, La Sal Mountains

OK, so the La Sals aren’t the biggest mountains around. But they’re our mountains, and they’re part of our big views. 🙂

Skwaylker definitely is one of the big boys of Spring Creek Basin. Still looking for a love!

Peaceful, easy feelin’

14 10 2017

Winona, La Sal Mountains

I wouldn’t look at the photographer, either, if I had grass like that. 🙂

Dear politicians …

31 08 2017

Killian, La Sal Mountains

Seriously, it’s time to put an end to the myth that all wild horses are starving on all public rangelands that they (and they alone) have destroyed.


Spring Creek Basin mustangs


Link to links about how to help people and animals suffering from the after-effects of Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

My folks have lived in Texas since 1992 (after an earlier tour of duty there in the early 1980s). Fortunately, they were on the northwestern edge of the swirl and are grateful for rain received after extremely hot and dry conditions. Our hearts are with all those affected by the devastation.