All that, wet

30 10 2019


Houdini and Alegre aren’t readily visible at first glance, are they? Natural camouflage.

Lovely snow on the La Sal Mountains, eh?

By about 4 p.m., that snow was gone. Yeah, I was surprised, too! Much of the snow in Spring Creek Basin had melted – and some was present, still.

Our earth here is very thirsty.


Our hearts are with those fleeing wildfires in California.

Mustangs of America

14 10 2019


Do you believe in magic?

Of course you do. You enjoy the mustangs of Spring Creek Basin, Disappointment Valley, southwestern Colorado, USA, North America, planet Earth, featured on this blog. 🙂

Pictured is Hollywood’s most beautiful band of lovelies, and in the background, one can see across Spring Creek Basin and lower Disappointment Valley to the northwest. Spring Creek canyon is about center, over Shane’s back. The La Sal Mountains of southeastern Utah dominate the horizon.

They could represent all the wild in all the places.


Hunka hunk

29 07 2019


It’s always a treat to see handsome Sundance. Looking for him and his band led to seeing some positives in the basin after a few recent rains. 🙂

Divine dapples

19 07 2019

Temple; La Sal Mountains

Another mustang, showing off more summer bounty. Ho hum.

Ho hum, DELICIOUS! 🙂


16 07 2019

Skywalker; La Sal Mountains

We have a little summer haze from smoke and dust, but Skywalker makes it all gorgeous.

Wild girl

5 05 2019

Juniper; La Sal Mountains

She’s tangled. She’s shaggy.

She’s free. She’s wild.

Earth Day

22 04 2019

Gaia; La Sal Mountains

In honor of all our lovely neighbors, in all our communities around this big, beautiful globe, every day is a day to celebrate our Earth … every little corner and paradise.

And happy birthday to Gaia, who was born on Earth Day. 🙂