Relaxed & alert

3 04 2021

The Easter revelers are already out in Disappointment Valley in/on their buggies and wheeled vehicles that whine and growl and chug and make other noises that are annoying. (It’s worth acknowledging that the human(s) in control are largely responsible for the level of annoyance of such vehicles.)

Killian and his band had run from the road about an hour before I took this pic of him, far interior in the basin and away from any road. (And yes, they ran because the noise and annoyance level from two dirtbikes, a souped-up dirtbuggy and an ATV was excruciatingly high.) He was napping and watching one mare while his other mares grazed around him.

Blue hour

22 03 2021

Blue eyes and blue mountains: Our Kwana makes any grey-brown bravissimo.

Wide berth

10 03 2021

Shadow is another little old lady of the basin (though not nearly as old as Houdini) who’d rather not bother with two-legged interlopers, thank you very much. Just because the rest of the band doesn’t seem to be bothered, Shadow knows what she knows, and no one will convince her otherwise … even during lovely naps on lovely, sunny, not-quite-spring days. 🙂

Open invitation

6 03 2021

Temple seems to be issuing an invitation to enter her wild world. It’s not still quite that white … but it’s still wonderfully wet.

Snow all the way to Utah

19 02 2021

The snow is still deep, still awesome.


19 01 2021

Craziness: When you walk into the basin hoping to find a particular band, not expecting to see any other bands in the area in which you’ll be hiking … and find FOUR other bands … and still not the band you were *hoping* to find.

It happens. 🙂

Spirit looks fabulous against a backdrop of La Sal Mountains, still semi-snowy. With any beautiful luck, our world will be white in the morning.

Swish ‘n stride

4 01 2021

In a switchup from yesterday’s post, nearly snow-white Kwana is the bright spot in this landscape, southish a few miles from the location where I found Hayden.

Day 1, day of sun

2 01 2021

Remember when Storm had a mohawk?

Back in the good ol’ days? 🙂

Heart full of grateful

1 01 2021

Truly, I’ve wanted to use that line – from Dierks Bentley’s “Living” – for a very long time.

The thing is, I generally walk around, from waking to bedtime, with a heart full of grateful. So when to use that line to particularly highlight my gratitude for “all I’ve been given”?

The first day of a brand new year – after a really rather gnarly and ucky year – seems like a good time. 🙂

Looking back, it’s hard to find much about 2020 about which to feel grateful, but it IS a good lesson in finding joy in the little things … that maybe aren’t so little after all.

I am healthy. My family is healthy. A dear friend had a giant (!) health situation (unrelated to COVID) and came through, if not unscathed, relatively OK. I have a home and money for groceries and cat food. My horses – if a bit light on water – are thriving – and they have water. I am fortunate to have the support of a truly excellent BLM partner. I live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet, surrounded by mustangs (and for that, I am grateful to my employer), and probably I am one of the people least affected by the awfulness of the global coronavirus pandemic. On and on could I go. … Why wouldn’t I be grateful? How could I NOT be grateful?

And there it is: It’s relatively easy for me to be full-of-heart grateful. For (many, many) others, situations of life are not so fortunate or optimistic. I don’t want to gloss over or dismiss those struggles, even as I acknowledge my fortunes.

“Sometimes the world’s just right,” and at some point in time in the coming year, no matter how brief (and hopefully for much longer), I hope everyone can experience that feeling.

With hearts full, 2021, here we come. May it be blessed.

Don’t look back

31 12 2020

Although here Storm is looking back at another stallion and his band across a steep, deep arroyo, let’s turn our faces forward, away from the global chaos that was 2020.

As another calendar year spreads its as-yet blank days before us, there’s no way to know what lies ahead. A list of “funnies” sent recently by a friend included this gem: “We can all agree that in 2015 not a single person got the answer correct to (this): ‘Where do you see yourself five years from now?'”

Some thrive on chaos – and causing it – and others seek to be the peaceful, quiet power that moves through the days, keeping friends and family close, seeing the beauty (not the drought) in sunny skies, treasuring the clouds (that hold the drought at bay), knowing that in even the smallest, meanest things, there is beauty to behold.

We can be the chaos, or we can be the peace. Maybe sometimes, a little shakeup is good (even if it takes a while to learn the fullness of it); in many times, peace is a balm.

Look forward. See beauty. Know peace.

Happy New Year.