Across the top

10 07 2020

Storm starts the march that leads to the descent that takes his band to water.

Natural born model

5 07 2020

Who takes a better pic with his locks blowing artfully with the wind and the La Sals in the background than Sundance? No one, that’s who. 🙂

Border patrol

20 06 2020

The fence is the western boundary of Spring Creek Basin. The white cable as the top “strand” of the fence is from the old days when roundups were done by helicopter, and the horses were moved to the west fence line, then down into Spring Creek canyon and trapped at the upper end of it.

We don’t do that anymore, of course, but it’s still a good visual boundary for the horses on the rare occasion when they get close to that area.

The La Sal Mountains of Utah rise into the sunset on our northwestern horizon.

P.S. Happy summer solstice! As we start the slide toward shorter days and winter, I think I can speak for all of us when I say the biggest thing we want in the near future are our monsoon rains.

Sunset lovely

8 06 2020

The wind has been howling. We’re under red-flag warnings almost every day.

We need the relief of rain and beauty.

Temple = beauty. Check. 🙂

It’s 4 o’clock somewhere

30 05 2020

Four o’clock flowers are some of the iconic wildflowers of this part of Colorado and one of those we (OK, I) look forward to seeing most. They’re suddenly blooming in Spring Creek Basin, and they’re a welcome splash of color amid our brown, brown expanse.

Speaking of a splash of color … !!!!!!

Our skies lately have been blue, blue, depressingly blue (depressing while we’re looking for rain clouds). But the last few evenings, we’ve gotten some clouds toward evening, and those have made for some spectacular sunsets.

Just that beautiful

18 05 2020


Storm was peacefully grazing along, and I was patiently watching to catch him in a better “pose” with that spectacular background, looking across Spring Creek Basin and Disappointment Valley, all the way to Utah! Maybe looking back to his mares or something.

Suddenly, the “something” happened, and he stopped with his head up, then performed a neat turn on the haunches and headed in the direction of the trees to the right. I never did figure out what caught his attention. But it gave me a nice little photo op of one of my very favorite boys with the La Sals still gleaming under a bit of snow in the distance.

Greying and blueing

7 05 2020


People have been wondering (according to our news channel) if and when they can return to swimming pools this summer. The mustangs wonder whether they’ll have enough water to fill their pony pools.

Storm and his band and another couple of bands found a seep that has a nice little pony-size pool right in the middle of it, and, as the gnats are making their appearance (!), they’re using it as much as a wading pool as a place to drink.

It’s a bit mucky, and that’s why our boy looks a bit greyer than grey as he saunters after his band on a warming day in the springtime.

That light, that place, those mustangs

13 04 2020


“You know how I like it when they walk.” ~ Ron Weasley

Harry Potter fans will recognize that quote. 🙂 In the magical world of mustangs, who DOESN’T like it when they walk?!

Passing by

12 04 2020


This is a cellphone grab shot of our beautiful Raven-girl crossing in front of the stunning La Sal Mountains with much of Spring Creek Basin between here and there. The image isn’t very sharp, but these days, the sharp lines we thought we knew have blurred and straggled … and still, there is beauty to be found and recognized.

Health and strength to all of you. May you find beauty and renewal in the best places, close to home.

Happy Easter.

Little braveheart

7 04 2020


Look at that little elk-girl staring me down while her aunties flow past.

She’s got spunk!