Quite a view

28 04 2017

Maia, La Sal Mountains

Maia and the La Sals.


Luck of the view

20 04 2017

Killian's, Filly Peak and the La Sal Mountains

And there they are. Mustangs in a big, beautiful, wild land.



17 04 2017

Houdini, Maia and Alegre

Spending time with the mustangs renews your faith in the world. Mostly because the rest of the world seems far, far away when you’re with them. 🙂

Soggy … wonderful

29 03 2017

Winona and Mariah; La Sal Mountains.

It wasn’t at all soggy when this photo of Winona and Mariah was taken, last weekend, but it IS soggy now.

It was so soggy, and with more rain in Tuesday’s forecast, that the University of Missouri students – here again for alternative spring break! – canceled yesterday’s work in Spring Creek Basin. 🙂 But tomorrow calls for sunshine and high temps in the 50s, so we’re looking forward to meeting this year’s crop of hard-working students and getting some more fence work done!

We are VERY happy about the rain. It brings us to nearly an inch of moisture for the month of March. (Yikes. March is supposed to be the wettest month in Colorado.)

A glow

28 03 2017

Hayden, La Sal Mountains

Hayden spent most of our visit napping over a stud pile.

Dude, that’s not very photogenic.

Then he turned and looked at a nearby band as I was walking away. Thanks, pal. 🙂

Happy days

24 03 2017

Corazon and Reya, La Sal Mountains

We got rain. 🙂



Splendid dirty girl

12 03 2017

Reya, La Sal Mountains

Miss Reya is glorious, in all her muddy, fuzzy, wind-blown disheveled gorgeousity.

How our hearts sing at the sight.


Did you remember to spring forward?!