Handsome near and far

14 02 2020


Tenaz does like to pose in front of the snowy La Sal Mountains, doesn’t he?

Though we’d like to see white all the way to the horizon, it’s good to see snow on those not-too-distant peaks.

Back to blue

13 02 2020


I mean, really. Only if the land were covered in life-giving winter white would that be a more heavenly view.

Kwana was moseying along grazing … when he realized that his girls weren’t exactly keeping up. Rather than wait for them, he returned to them.

It really is the girls who rule the family. 😉

The mustang view

12 02 2020


What do you suppose she’s looking at? What do you suppose she’s thinking about whatever it is that she’s looking at?

Whatever it was, it occupied her attention for a couple of minutes. Then she went back to grazing. What a quiet, peaceful, beautiful life.


11 02 2020


Skywalker moseyed through the shadscale following his bachelor buddy. He was less interested in glamour shots than in his path. I took a few shots and backed away from his greatness. 🙂


8 02 2020


Yeah, it was kinda like that last night.

He’s bold, he’s red

31 01 2020


He’s Master Hayden.


FYI: Local (Cortez) newspaper The Journal published an article about the HMAP-revision scoping period in its Thursday online edition.

And in case you missed it, here’s the link to my previous blog post about “Revising our HMAP.”

The days we live to love

28 01 2020


Look at Tenaz, lookin’ all handsome-like in the melty fresh snow, with the clouds clearing over the La Sal Mountains on the far horizon.

The clouds released rain on us first, in the dark of early morning. That turned to snow, even as the temperatures crept above freezing. And even as the snow fell, it melted and dripped from roofs and vehicles and filled old hoofprints in the lanes.

The basin got at least a couple of inches of fresh stuff – already very much melting by the time I spotted Tenaz’s band and he posed for me so handsomely. In the photo above, you can see the tease of sunshine on lower Disappointment Valley.

Want a better view of that faraway?


Heaven, you say? Yes, just a little part of it. 🙂