Hunka hunk

29 07 2019


It’s always a treat to see handsome Sundance. Looking for him and his band led to seeing some positives in the basin after a few recent rains. 🙂

Divine dapples

19 07 2019

Temple; La Sal Mountains

Another mustang, showing off more summer bounty. Ho hum.

Ho hum, DELICIOUS! 🙂


16 07 2019

Skywalker; La Sal Mountains

We have a little summer haze from smoke and dust, but Skywalker makes it all gorgeous.

Wild girl

5 05 2019

Juniper; La Sal Mountains

She’s tangled. She’s shaggy.

She’s free. She’s wild.

Earth Day

22 04 2019

Gaia; La Sal Mountains

In honor of all our lovely neighbors, in all our communities around this big, beautiful globe, every day is a day to celebrate our Earth … every little corner and paradise.

And happy birthday to Gaia, who was born on Earth Day. 🙂

Happy Easter

21 04 2019


Wishing a peaceful spring to you all … to us all. 🙂

Stunning boy, stunning peaks

28 03 2019

Killian; La Sal Mountains

While we wait for the greenup … a little grey. 🙂