That ol’ wind

21 04 2018

Comanche; La Sal Mountains

The skies have not been that blue lately with the howling wind lifting and carrying dust all across the region.

The other side of the county – Telluride – is under a winter storm warning until this morning. In Disappointment Valley, we’re desperate for moisture of any kind.


Mustang foreground

19 04 2018

Tenaz; La Sal Mountains

Everybody knows that a mustang in the foreground makes every background perfect.

Daily water walk

24 03 2018

Storm and Juniper; La Sal Mountains

Don’t you wish your path to the water cooler had such awesome scenery? 🙂

Storm and Juniper lead the way to one of Spring Creek Basin’s three ponds that still has water.


5 03 2018


Sundance is alert to a commotion of bands at the nearest pond, which was not too close.

But a stallion can never be too sure. And who knows what he learns by watching the others?

Our hoped-for snow came to naught. It blew. It swirled. It ended up in Wyoming (based on how hard the wind was blowing out of the south). The ground never even got wet. Next time …

Not enough white

4 02 2018

Kwana; La Sal Mountains

Those patches of snow are gone, though damp spots on the earth still linger in shady places. The snow on the La Sals is rapidly fading to the grey of the rock below as the sun shines relentlessly down during this winter of discontent.


Today is the fifth anniversary of the passing of a beloved friend, Pati Temple. Even as we continue to mourn her loss, we celebrate her life and the shining light she was to all creatures, especially Spring Creek Basin’s mustangs.


23 01 2018

Corazon; La Sal Mountains

There’s our snow and our Corazon!

With a bit of snow – the second, third (?) time this winter? – our hearts are happy!

Corazon is very happy, too. He’s just a very, very coooooooolll dude. 🙂

Golden boy

20 01 2018

Hollywood; La Sal Mountains

Hollywood. So glamorous. Sigh.