Silver ’n gold

30 06 2016

Houdini and Alegre

Houdini and Alegre – (two of) Spring Creek Basin’s golden girls.

Head high

29 06 2016

Copper and Skywalker

Copper leaves the scene of a chat with young Skywalker.


“Ms. Toad” had quite a “wild ride” getting out of Spring Creek Basin yesterday afternoon – when it RAINED!

A BLM seasonal employee, a Southwest Conservation Corps intern and I were monitoring vegetation in the basin when the sprinkles started. Pretty soon, the rain sprinkles were sprinkled with ice pellets. We pulled up stakes (literally) and headed for the vehicles. A long, muddy walk later, we were soaked and slip-sliding down the road in a truck and Jeep.

A long, muddy, river-road drive later (spraying water everywhere), we were kicking up dust on the road outside the basin. Fortunately, that area got rain later in the evening.

We’re pretty ecstatic still this morning. 🙂 Thanks for the rain dances. We sure needed this wonderful shower!


28 06 2016

Comanche and Aspen

Dust in beautiful light looks so magical, doesn’t it? Some rain to dampen that dust would be even more magical. 🙂


27 06 2016

Hollywood and Maia, McKenna Peak and Temple Butte.

Sometimes … they all line up beautifully. 🙂 Hollywood and Maia complement McKenna Peak and Temple Butte.


26 06 2016


Some mud to keep the flies and gnats at bay.

That ’ol sun

25 06 2016


Mustangs are HOT! 🙂

The haze of heat

24 06 2016

Comanche, Spring Creek canyon

Baby, it’s hot out there. Temperatures are in the hundreds with nary a teaser of rain. The gnats are ferocious, and only head nets seem to keep them at bay.

“I think I saw a cloud … yesterday. … It hung around a minute … then just blew away …” ~ more great lyrics by Dave Stamey. Well, great if we didn’t identify so fully with them!

The mustangs are tough. Temps eventually ease, and rain eventually comes. Can’t be too soon …


23 06 2016

Skywalker and Comanche

Skywalker is making the rounds lately, checking availability and resolve. So far, he remains a bachelor.

Big red

22 06 2016


Classic Spring Creek Basin mustang; classic Spring Creek Basin horizon.

Golden highlights

21 06 2016


Age doesn’t detract from Houdini’s loveliness. It’s hard to believe she’s probably 25 or older, huh? 🙂