The grey amigas

30 04 2018

Alegre, Maia and Houdini; Temple Butte and McKenna Peak

Houdini, Maia and Alegre are multi-generational besties.


29 04 2018


Jut out for a little stroll, eh? Uh huh.

Seconds later, he was hot on the trail of a young stallion who had pestered him for the last couple of hours.

The young stallion did not pester Holls for the rest of the day. 🙂

At her ease

28 04 2018


It was that kind of day. … The kind of day where everyone seemed to be hanging out just beyond or over a hill. Mysterium watched some of her band graze their way down the hill while she napped in the sunshine.

Pretty dark and golden girl

27 04 2018

Cassidy Rain

Cassidy Rain has a golden light, doesn’t she?

High ground

26 04 2018

Tenaz and Hollywood's band

Hollywood wouldn’t leave his vantage point to go play with Tenaz … despite Tenaz’s best efforts to entice him. 🙂

Alien life

25 04 2018

Weird rock in the basin

What the weird holey what?!

Weird rock in the basin

Proof that Disappointment Valley HAS gotten rain over the eons. 🙂

Other weird rock in the basin.

Either that, or it’s totally from outer space.

Black streak

24 04 2018


That dark streak down Temple’s shoulder has appeared as she greys out. It’s natural in her coat color. I don’t know of any injury she had there that might have caused it.

Direct attention

23 04 2018


Red boy Hayden is the cutest! Especially when he doesn’t know you’re looking.


22 04 2018


There’s really no way to look graceful while taking a mud bath. 🙂 Copper does his best.

That ol’ wind

21 04 2018

Comanche; La Sal Mountains

The skies have not been that blue lately with the howling wind lifting and carrying dust all across the region.

The other side of the county – Telluride – is under a winter storm warning until this morning. In Disappointment Valley, we’re desperate for moisture of any kind.