Stout (lite)

28 02 2017


Comanche has been making regular grocery runs this winter. 🙂

In the background are members of another band.


27 02 2017


Skywalker the stunning. He’s such a poser … in the very best way. 🙂

Those are the rimrocks of Spring Creek canyon in the background.


26 02 2017


Storm found a couple of trees the other day with multiple branches that were good for scratching multiple itches. Check out the lip. 🙂

As you can see from the trunk of the tree and the ground around him, we got a bit of snow. Most of it didn’t last long, but in the upper parts of the basin (and greater Disappointment Valley), there was up to an inch or so of dusty white stuff.

Before our little cold snap, the horses were starting to shed!

A little (lotta) magic

25 02 2017

Rainbow over Temple Butte

Rainbow over Temple Butte

Not many words needed for these images, either. That’s a rainbow right over Temple Butte, guardian of Spring Creek Basin’s southeastern boundary … but as prominent as it is, ALL of Spring Creek Basin.

It has been four years (and a few weeks) since Pati Temple passed away. We miss her every day. And we feel her with us every single day.


A little light

24 02 2017

Piedra, Brumley Point

Our famous Colorado sunshine has been a little lacking this winter, so we enjoy every bit of it (well, we do that anyway, but it seems particularly valuable this year). 🙂

Sunshiney days

23 02 2017


Disappointment Valley had rain during parts of three consecutive days several days ago. And then we had sunshine. 🙂 It was a muddy hike that led to finding Seven, but seeing the boy was well worth every messy step!

Two bay mustangs

22 02 2017

Tenaz and Madison

Tenaz and Madison glow on a spring-like February evening in Spring Creek Basin.


21 02 2017


Hollywood’s mane catches the evening light as he follows his band through the winter-golden grasses.

Marvelous muleys with a view

20 02 2017


Aren’t they handsome? That’s Brumley Point at back right.


19 02 2017

Maia, Alegre and Houdini

No words for this one.