31 10 2022

Maiku’s intense gaze is spooky … right?!

Well, I tried to find a scary mustang pic for Halloween, but I don’t think I succeeded. 🙂

Happy Halloween with all your spooks and ghouls!

A little white, a little grey

30 10 2022

I couldn’t choose between these two pix of Mariah … so I didn’t, and you get to see both!

And yes, that’s snow in the background. We got another couple of inches of the white stuff a couple of days ago, and just like the first time, it melted really fast. But this time, I got out in the mud to “chase” some ponies. 🙂 Fortunately, Mariah and her group were right near a road.

As always, we’re grateful for the infusion of moisture!

Fading days

29 10 2022

Is it weird that during these shortening autumn days, we wish for longer days to take in all the beauty?

Happy birthday, Mom!

28 10 2022

Happy birthday to my mom, like Madison, family guardian, making sure we all get what we need and where we need(ed) to go. And handling it all with grace and beauty and patience (!). 🙂

Happy birthday, Mom! I love you!

Not to be missed

27 10 2022

Even when immersed in joy in your current situation, don’t forget to take a bit longer view, too. 🙂


26 10 2022

Hollywood, still lookin’ good at an estimated 20 years old. 🙂

White gold

25 10 2022

Did I mention that Spring Creek Basin and Disappointment Valley got rain?

And then we got snow. 🙂 And before Halloween!

This was yesterday morning in Disappointment Valley, just beyond the rimrocks and southwest of Spring Creek Basin. No ponies-in-snow pix; too muddy, and that snow was melting fast! For fare somewhat different than you usually expect to see on this blog, please enjoy this mix of pix of golden cottonwoods crowned with good-as-gold moisture:

Mr. Zen

24 10 2022

Gusty winds preceded a cold front that dropped temps and brought rain!

Sundance took it all like a pro. … A very handsome, very zen pro. 🙂

Depth in a great field

23 10 2022

Someone is always watching … !

Girls of autumn

22 10 2022

Piedra and Kestrel – and all their herd mates – are starting to put on their winter coats. … Ponies are getting fuzzy. 🙂