31 01 2012

He doesn’t get much recognition, removed now from band stallion status. But he’s awfully cute.

Looking at the other horses.

Proof that there IS some snow out there. He had been using the branches of the tree to scratch itches … when apparently one branch broke – with a sound like a gunshot. Startled all of us. I’m pretty sure time stopped as we all froze. With no immediate threat apparent, though, time resumed and we all relaxed. Then he walked off, all innocence.

Puttin’ the sneak on. 🙂

Miss Terra & friends

31 01 2012

This lovely daughter of Grey/Traveler and Houdini just amazes me.

The horses were somewhat apart when I saw them, and Terra had been watching Roja, Killian and Hayden down in the trees before turning to look at me.

Standing with cocky Chrome.

And with Winona (who reminds me so much of her grandma Luna).

Grazing with master Hayden. The girls treat him much differently than big Chrome. Terra is just a few months older than Hayden, but she’s quite a bit bigger. They’re half-siblings, sharing daddy Grey/Traveler.

Love. Her.

Hayden in the sunshine

31 01 2012

I do love a bright-n-shiny copper pony in the sunshine.

Coming up out of an arroyo. Loved his spiky mane all akimbo.

He’s not very big, but he has a big personality!

Love his glow. Isn’t he just the handsomest little mister?

Roja & Killian

31 01 2012

The little moisture we’ve had has kept things a little “damp” lately in the basin, making for restricted access if you’re like me and paranoid about getting stuck in the mud way out yonder. But I also saw Chrome’s band last week and had a nice little visit with them. It was still a bit sunny during the first part of the visit, but then the clouds took over.

Doesn’t she look like a little Assateague pony … one bright eye peering out from that lovely long forelock?

Mama and her boy

Handsome Killian. Love the lip, reaching for more grass.

Keeping an eye on me.

They were in an area they (Chrome) like(s) every winter, but I’ll be darned if I know where they’re drinking with so little snow. The rest of the year, when there’s no snow, you’ll hardly ever see horses in this area. This is in the western part of the basin. In the eastern part, by contrast, there’s more melting snow – and mud!


30 01 2012

Last week, I caught the spots at nap time.

This was right after Ty laid down, but he looks like he’s enjoying the sunshine, doesn’t he?

They’re all there but Copper – he was on my side of the arroyo to the left.

Chipeta and Puzzle

Big guy dreamed hard for a couple of minutes. I saw Sundance dream that hard once: Ears flickering from pricked to laid flat, legs trembling, hips and shoulders shaking, eyes rolling. Then up he woke, but he didn’t get up until Chipeta decided nap time was over and grazing time commenced.

Even Copper laid down …

… right before he rolled!

Not a lot of snow (you can see some patches in the above photos), but you can see by Copper’s waving hooves how muddy it is.

Caught …

28 01 2012

… in a moment of sweetness:

Such a sweet pair. 🙂

Ty and Chipeta, still with the spots and one nearly solid bay (Copper).

Stunning Sundance

24 01 2012

Not so much with the words:

This was the day there were a few bands very close together, and SunD was protecting his family – and flirting with little miss Shane.

Isn’t he just gorgeous? Love those dapples!

Family resemblance

23 01 2012

We got moisture in the basin! A little snow, a little rain. Lots of mud. So here are some more pix of the pintos from a week ago.

Mama Chipeta

Not-so-baby anymore Puzzle

Very alike, yes?

Puzzle and half-brother Maiku

Maiku’s half-sister Reya

Reya and possible-brother Corazon

Copper, daddy of Maiku and Puzzle

Ty, daddy of Asher

Little mys, take 2

18 01 2012

WARNING! Serious attack of cuteness coming your way!!!

I mean it! Prepare ye all to smile – if not outright chuckle with delight!


Is she not the most amazing doll of a baby girl horse you’ve ever seen?!

I’ve been dying to share this image with you all. Little Mysterium, of course. I was sitting on the side of a hill, and the horses walked past me away from the commotion of Storm and Shadow. And I got this delightful look from the sweetheart – look at those delicate nostrils! And that fluffy, spiky, every-which-way mane! Those teeny pricked ears! That LOOK!

Continue now with your daily business – smiling, smiling, smiling! 🙂

Mirror, mirror

18 01 2012

OK, not quite …

In the foreground, mama Raven and son Apollo (son also of Kreacher); in the background, Bounce and Tenaz.

Just for fun. 🙂