Divine dapples

19 07 2019

Temple; La Sal Mountains

Another mustang, showing off more summer bounty. Ho hum.

Ho hum, DELICIOUS! 🙂

Silk ‘n shine

18 07 2019


Who said black and shiny and healthy and gorgeous?

Raven, that’s who. 🙂

Who needs white?

17 07 2019


Beautiful Madison shows off the summer’s bounty of grass (not all vegetation in the photo is grass, but it’s all edible).

Madison is “just another bay mustang.” When you’re that gorgeous, who needs markings to distract?!


16 07 2019

Skywalker; La Sal Mountains

We have a little summer haze from smoke and dust, but Skywalker makes it all gorgeous.

The season of shine

15 07 2019

Cassidy Rain

Did someone say shiny? Cassidy Rain shows off her bay glow.

Though we love the shine, we could use some clouds. Rain clouds, specifically, would be very welcome. 🙂


14 07 2019

Aurora, Terra and Piedra

Did you ever see a shinier black mustang in all your life? If we could touch Aurora, I think she would feel like the smoothest silk.

Rules, schmools

13 07 2019


Who cares about the rule of thirds when THIS handsome boy is staring up the barrel of your lens?