Shady dude

31 07 2019

Comanche; McKenna Peak

Comanche takes advantage of some shade in the late afternoon before joining the caravan to the local water hole.


30 07 2019

Hollywood's band

In the high desert country, we don’t take water for granted.

This pond was dry until the recent couple of rains swept through.

Hunka hunk

29 07 2019


It’s always a treat to see handsome Sundance. Looking for him and his band led to seeing some positives in the basin after a few recent rains. 🙂

Spots that glow

28 07 2019

Spirit and Puzzle

Spirit and Puzzle in the gold of late evening.

Sometimes, there’s nothing else necessary to say.

Summer Creek

27 07 2019

Maiku in Spring Creek

Two nights ago, rain ran in curtains across the northern end of Disappointment Valley, including Spring Creek Basin.

After that rain, water ran in a flood in Spring Creek, in northeastern Disappointment Valley. 🙂

Above, Maiku tests the mud after drinking in a center stream where water still ran.

Bay gold

26 07 2019

Madison and Tenaz

Bay beauties Madison and Tenaz rock the gold of summer.

Swish ‘n swirl

25 07 2019


If you have to look on the *bright* side of flying uggies, look no farther than the late light through Comanche’s tail.

There’s an upside to most everything. 🙂


24 07 2019


If you said even a little prayer for rain in Southwest Colorado, thank you. Sincerely. 🙂

We got a really good, soft, fairly long, wonderfully welcome shower yesterday evening. The ground is sighing in gratitude, and so are we all.


23 07 2019

Seneca with sunflower

Despite the brief respite of a cloud blocking the sun when this photo was taken, sunshine, we have in abundance. What we need now are some showers.

Sometimes …

22 07 2019



Because of this:


Sometimes … the stallions ARE in charge. 🙂