28 02 2023

First thing in the morning, Utah’s La Sal Mountains shine with an almost otherworldly glow.

Flash seems to shine just about always. 🙂

Just hangin’ out

27 02 2023

Do you see what I see?

This big group of elk was on the southeast shoulder of Filly Peak in the western part of Spring Creek Basin.

Winter is the season of elk in Disappointment Valley, where we have less snow and the livin’ is easy (or relatively so). 🙂


26 02 2023

Hollywood’s band was recently in the most magnificent area to take advantage of this stunning background – made even more stunning by the divine blanket of pristine snow. Hollywood was warning elder Aspen that his proximity to the band was perhaps a little closer than fully appropriate, while a young bachelor napped at a very respectful distance.


25 02 2023

Beautiful Terra seems to glow more brightly than the snow. Lit from within, if I had to guess why. 🙂


24 02 2023

This image shows snow from the last big snowstorm. Oddly, though the rest of Southwest Colorado (well, all of western Colorado, apparently?) seems to be getting fairly hammered by snow, Disappointment Valley seems to be a bit sheltered from the storm – literally. It *has* snowed … but it seems to be coming from Utah and blowing on to Kansas! The wind has been strong and sharp, and it hasn’t allowed much snow to *fall* let alone settle.

We had a lot of melting of all that snow Corazon is standing in – with temps in the balmy-seeming 50s. Actual creeks (Spring and Disappointment) ran with melting snow-water and the melting made tiny (to not-so-tiny) creeks where arroyos or any other low channels existed.

The landscape IS white again, but maybe only an inch or so has actually settled out of the wind-blown flurries.


23 02 2023

There goes Aspen again, posing against a dramatic background. 🙂

He’s back with the band he was with when I took and posted that previous pic of him. He separated from them for a little while and hung out with some young guys, then turned up back with the band. Maybe he likes their company!


22 02 2023

Skywalker and his pal, Sancho, follow the band over the edge of a little ridge.

That’s quite a background, eh? 🙂 Just look at all that snow! Water in the bank for our dry summer days.

Watcher in the snow

21 02 2023

Muzzle snowy from sifting through snow to get to the tasty bits, Temple looks toward the lower reaches of Spring Creek. I’m not sure what she saw there, but it had her attention – and she had mine!

Days like these

20 02 2023

Just … beauty.

For a period of time while I was with Maia and Houdini and their band, the world of Spring Creek Basin was completely, totally, absolutely still and silent – but for the movements of the horses. No birds. No planes. No wind. The silence was NOTICEABLE.

Then the wind picked up and the horses were browsing and moving and watching bachelors, and all was, well, normal. 🙂 And absolutely, totally, completely, utterly … gorgeous.

The eye

19 02 2023

Jadi watches the horses around her – while well aware of me watching all of them – with the curve of the rimrocks above Spring Creek canyon arching across the background. Fluffy, fluffy!

We still have a few to several inches of snow on the ground. There’s some melting happening, but the temps aren’t rising as much as the forecasters are forecasting, so it’s slow and steady … which is fine and good.

The horses don’t seem to mind the snow too much. It’s not so much that they can’t get to the protruding vegetation. And when that sun shines full on us, it’s almost downright toasty! Nap time is peaceful time.