Peaceful, easy spirit

30 11 2019


Spirit soaks up the sunshine!

Hello, beauty

29 11 2019


Chipeta does me the courtesy of stopping to give me a pose before wandering off across an arroyo with her band. 🙂


28 11 2019


I am so grateful.

I am so blessed.

I am so humbled.

I am in awe.

I am profoundly in love.

I am so thankful.

For these mustangs, for this life, for these blessings, for my friends, for my family above all. All that surrounds me brings me such incredible joy, year-round, and I strive to make sure that gratitude is my first emotion in everything I experience.

Thank you for following the mustangs of Spring Creek Basin, for caring about them, for enjoying the peace and beauty they bring to your own beautiful places in the world.

Happy Thanksgiving, from our herd to yours. 🙂


27 11 2019


Sundance the fuzzy enjoys a warmish day in the damp basin.

In the distance is one of Hollywood’s lovelies.


26 11 2019


Could pretty Piedra be any more apple-like? 🙂

Fuzziest fuzzle

25 11 2019


Puzzle. So beautiful.

She waited moments for her band, then they disappeared over the ridge.

Oh, lovely

24 11 2019


That light!

That gold!

That Winona!