Witchy girl

31 10 2016


Raven girl. Oh so pretty … and fuzzy! Gettin’ there anyway.

This was a rare (very rare!) overcast day in Spring Creek Basin. No rain, but it was very pleasant out there with the ponies!


Happy Halloween!

Klondike of the Southwest

30 10 2016


Next weekend, daylight saving time ends. Which means that when I take this photo – or another like it – next Sunday, it will be FIVE O’CLOCK, not 6. Whew. The year is winding down. Some moisture would be welcome. It has been a very dry – very beautiful but very dry – fall.

The vibrant big land form above/behind Chrome is an area known as Klondike Basin.


29 10 2016


That’s Tenaz, giving the eyeball from behind one of his mares. Funny boy.

Happy birthday, Mom!

28 10 2016


Happy birthday to my wonderful and wonderfully inspiring mom!

How do you thank a person – your mom – for a lifetime of support and encouragement? Someone asked me recently whether my parents had ever pushed me toward anything particular in life. We were talking about how our “normal” family lives make us rather dysfunctional in these modern times! An interesting perspective, eh?

It wasn’t particular, material things my parents pushed me toward; rather, it was characteristics, I think, that we (my brother and I) were shown – by their behavior – that we just (just!) emulated: high standard of ethics, compassion, tolerance, flexibility, the ability to not only adapt to new situations but thrive in them.

In short, my mom (and dad) is pretty awesome. 🙂

She (and he) also made sure I grew up with horses – as she (and he) did. Thanks, Mom. 🙂

Happy birthday!

Spot on

27 10 2016


Do they do it on purpose? Look so completely, amazingly gorgeous ALL the time?


26 10 2016


Silly Ty with the short tail checks me out to see if I’m really planning to cross the arroyo just like he did!

His short tail is a complete mystery. He showed up that way recently. Another stallion – Seven – had a short tail AND mane a few years ago, but fortunately they both grew back. Sometimes horses will get thick “rats nests” in their tails, so maybe it finally became a glob of dead hair that he caught on something and pulled out.

Notice the darkish sky above and behind him. We got some good rain Monday night and early Tuesday morning. Of course, by later Tuesday, the ground was solidly dry, but every little bit helps.

25 10 2016


Gaia IS sorrel … and has matured to … *heavenly*! 🙂

Don’t you love that sweet fall light?

Dapply girl

24 10 2016


Terra also was born sorrel, with a very irregular sort of blaze that always reminded me of a swan. You sure can’t tell now. But she’s still gorgeous!

Last pink

23 10 2016


Storm – looking up from grazing. Check out his half pink muzzle; that’s all that’s left of his baby blaze. He was born bright, copper-penny sorrel.


22 10 2016


Hunky Storm watched me as I walked out to his band. Then he pretty much didn’t bother to look up from his grazing the whole rest of the visit. Quiet and calm and peaceful in Spring Creek Basin. Just how we like it.