Don’t bother me …

30 04 2015


… I’m sleepin’ here.

Kwana – fully into his afternoon nap. His eyes were totally closed. His ears were somewhat active. He was completely confident that his pals, Kreacher (to the left) and Duke (to the right), would protect him.

Still my heart

29 04 2015


Grey/Traveler struts his stuff below a still-stormy sky. The region got rain – finally – this past weekend. Amounts varied wildly and included rain, hail and snow. The thirsty earth already is dry again, but we’re enjoying crystalline days and glorious sunrises and sunset.

Looking forward

28 04 2015


Such a look from sweet Jadi at the top of her basin home. Beyond is outside Spring Creek Basin, but it’s still part of Disappointment Valley.

Not hidden

27 04 2015


Oh, yes, we see you, dark Shadow-girl!


26 04 2015

Ty and Seneca

Ty and Seneca look down a hill at Copper’s band. Behind them is the southern wall of Brumley Point.

We fight for him … and all those like him

25 04 2015


Oh, how the heart does sing at the sight.

Honor your earth

24 04 2015

Gaia, Cassidy Rain and Storm

Gaia’s birthday was Earth Day. Every day in Spring Creek Basin is an opportunity to honor our planet and those who live upon it. Every day everywhere provides that opportunity.

Enhanced view

21 04 2015

Copper, Tesora and Puzzle; Brumley Point.

Copper, Tesora and Puzzle strike classic mustang poses (“we’re watching you!”) below one of Spring Creek Basin’s iconic landmarks, Brumley Point. Brumley looks different (quite a bit different) depending on the angle from which you view it. My favorite view is the one with mustangs in the foreground. 🙂


20 04 2015


Maiku achieves suspension during a chat with Ty – over a girl, naturally.

Itty bitty white bits

19 04 2015

Mysterium in snow

See the white bits around Mysterium? Nooo, those aren’t gnats (hopefully they froze). They’re itty bitty flakes of snow.

It wasn’t much to wet the soil (or the horses), but that night, lower Disappointment Valley got rain, and the tops of some landforms in Spring Creek Basin (Filly Peak, Flat Top, Round Top, Brumley Point) got snow. The eastern ridges definitely got snow. From a little higher than mid-valley comes a report of a couple of inches of snow, and at Groundhog Reservoir (southeast of Spring Creek Basin and 1,000 or so feet higher), a report of about 3 inches of snow. A nice little spring snowfall.