Hint of dapples

30 04 2019


Terra, like everybody else in the basin, is shedding her winter fuzziness, but some of her dapples remain for another year. She’ll eventually grey out, and all hint of dapples will have disappeared. Until then, they’re one of her defining features. 🙂

He’s the glow

29 04 2019


Sundance is one handsome dude, even with his little boo-boo.


28 04 2019



Gentle giant

27 04 2019


Killian is a hunk of a not-really-that-big wild stallion. 🙂

Shaggy girls

26 04 2019

Winona and Mariah

Mariah and Winona are shedding those winter coats.

It’s springtime in Spring Creek Basin!


25 04 2019

Mysterium and Juniper; Maiku; band

The two horses in the foreground present a weird-ish sort of perspective – no, that’s not a two-headed horse. 🙂

They’re in one band; Maiku, in focus, is with another band, and there’s a third band in the distance. Not often are bands in Spring Creek Basin in this close proximity to each other, so when they are, it’s fun to try to capture the closeness.


24 04 2019


Yeah, this is our Earth. 🙂