31 01 2017


Even knowing something was there – because the mustangs all had alerted – it took a while for me to locate these two coyotes on the snowy hillside of bachelor ridge in Spring Creek Basin. They’re hunted mercilessly in this part of the country, but I enjoy seeing them. They’re no threat to the wily mustangs. 🙂

Snow boys

30 01 2017

S'aka and Skywalker

S’aka and Skywalker have a snowy little chat during a little wave of white stuff in Spring Creek Basin. Neither snow nor sunshine can keep a mustang from his normal boy behavior.

Grey and white on white

29 01 2017

Skywalker, Filly Peak

Skywalker shines on a beautiful day in Spring Creek Basin. We had marvelous sunshine … then a couple of waves of snow went through … then we had marvelous sunshine again.

And mustangs. Always, always mustangs. 🙂


28 01 2017

Temple Butte in lifting snow-mist.

Temple Butte in lifting snow-mist.

Temple Butte in lifting snow-mist.

I couldn’t choose. 🙂

There’s magic in them thar hills.

Temple Butte itself isn’t in Spring Creek Basin; it’s just outside our southeastern boundary. The foreground in these photos IS Spring Creek Basin. The southeastern and eastern parts of Spring Creek Basin Herd Management Area also are part of McKenna Peak Wilderness Study Area – which also extends to the east beyond Spring Creek Basin. (Note: McKenna Peak also is just outside the basin, and it’s visible from this vantage, to the left. With my long lens, I couldn’t fit them both in the confines of one photo – and it was more wreathed in snow-mist. :))

Spotting skills

27 01 2017

Pintos, Killian's

Sometimes, it’s easy to spot the mustangs.


And sometimes, it’s just dang near impossible. 🙂



Why did the turkeys cross the road?

26 01 2017

Wild turkeys!

Because it was less full of distracting vegetation for the resident paparazzo!

OK, full disclosure: These turkeys weren’t in Spring Creek Basin. But they were/ARE in Disappointment Valley, very close to the basin. And who doesn’t love turkeys?!

Wild turkeys!

They have some gorgeous feathers, don’t they?

Another note: It’s hard to get in-focus photos of turkeys. Those little heads are harder to focus on than, say, big mustangs. 🙂


Sun ‘n mud

25 01 2017


Lessons from mustangs during mud season:

Don’t be in a hurry.

Step on solid ground.

Be deliberate.

Enjoy the sunshine. 🙂

Never enough

24 01 2017


We never get tired of looking at these magnificent mustangs, eh? Don’t answer that; the answer is obvious. 🙂

Grey like the day

23 01 2017


Our May showers are here in January. 🙂 And Maia is ready to greet the flowers (to come)!

He got da blues

22 01 2017


Oh, so handsome.