Good grey girls

24 06 2022

Pretty girls Mariah and Winona, just trying to survive the wind.

Who goes there?

20 06 2022

Storm, for 2.7 seconds after he realized *someone* was nearby. When he realized I was that someone, he went back to grazing. 🙂

Admiring the view

17 04 2022

Mustangs and light and Spring Creek Basin in Disappointment Valley … all the way to Utah.


From their birth-range of Sand Wash Basin, within sight of Wyoming, to Spring Creek Basin, within sight of Utah, Dundee, Rowan and Aiyanna have come a long way … and continue to live wild and free. 🙂

Renewal of seasons, affirmation of wild.

Happy Easter. 🙂

Speedy wanderers

15 04 2022

More pronghorns have visible recently. I love to see these fleet-footed “speed goats.”