Two of many, now of three

30 04 2011

A couple of posts ago, I put up a pic of two horses … one of the newest bands in Spring Creek Basin. I know at least two of you know who they are! No cheating. 🙂

Hint: Comanche had them (all but the stallion in the background of that previous photo (reminder: the previous week. This week, he and his girl and his stepdaughter are together again by themselves, and the band he stole has further split – into two, of three each. So the very original band is now three bands. How’s that for confusing the hint? 🙂 I’ll try to get pix up – of the new bands – lickety split.

The eye of the colt above is such a dead giveaway … no doubting who his sire is! And the filly looks just like her brother … and like their mother! (Which has nothing to do with this post.)


30 04 2011

Luna isn’t a real big girl – she’s rather petite – but as she gets closer and closer to her foaling date, her poor belly just gets enormous. It’s no wonder that in the last couple of months, especially, she’s either eating, eating, eating or napping as deeply as she can, not happy with interruptions. She is focused inside herself.

Now, her treasure is out in the world for all to see, and she has come alive! That’s the best I can explain the change in her. She checks baby Aghavni constantly, doesn’t let her get more than a step away, even as she grazes. The exhausted look is gone – though I know she must be – and the light is back. She’s just beautiful!

Giving the baby one of her frequent sniff-checks.

Sleepy girl. Everybody was quiet. Bounce’s band had grazed away around a hill … bachelor Mouse had taken up station between them and the band even so … Gideon and Alpha were grazing close to Luna and Aghavni, providing support (and no doubt curious!) … Steeldust and Butch were pretty calm, giving the others space – Butch enough to take advantage of a nearby tree to satisfy an itch through the mud he’d just covered himself with at the pond!

What a beautiful day to come alive in Spring Creek Basin!

Waiting …

29 04 2011

I swear Alegre gets more beautiful every time I see her.

Love this look from cheeky Whisper!

He and Gideon were both in a mood to play when their families were together – they bucked and whirled and galloped – celebrating the new baby? Maybe! Who’s to say?!

Meet Coal

29 04 2011

Baby Coal has likely been around for two weeks now, but this is my first glimpse of him! Black like mama! Handsome like daddy!

Welcome to your world, baby boy!

Allow me …

28 04 2011

… to introduce you to Spring Creek Basin’s newest precious life:

Luna and her daughter Aghavni, named by our lovely visiting journalist from Armenia, Aghavni. 🙂 In Armenian, “aghavni” (pronounced “ah-havni” with a little hint of the “gh”) means dove. How perfect is that?

She must have been born this morning – she’s THAT brand new! Pale, pale silver buckskin.

We had a FABULOUS day! The highlight of which was finding Luna with her new treasure (she wasn’t due for almost two weeks). We saw all but the pintos and Bruiser and Milagro – I saw all the horses between yesterday and today – and we got a major surprise on our way home. Southeast of the basin, I hit the brakes when I saw an unmistakable form drop off the road. I don’t even remember *seeing* it … just seeing it disappear, if that makes sense. A few seconds later, we all saw it running with unmistakable grace up the shadowed drainage away from the road. A total of about 8.5 seconds (possibly less), and it was gone.

A mountain lion. The first I’ve seen in all my years of visiting the basin.


I told Aghavni and Servet they can’t go home – they must always be my good luck charms. We also had with us our photo intern at the Herald, Sarah, from North Carolina, for whom seeing a mountain lion has long been on her bucket list.

Speaking of Servet, Houdini’s and Grey/Traveler’s daughter has a new name – Deniz – which means “sea” in his native Turkish. Our part of Colorado was once under a great sea, so it’s appropriate and beautiful.


In Armenia, they have a saying: “Happy people don’t check their watches.” That was today for Servet and Aghavni -for all of us.

Thank you also to Dolores Elementary School for inviting me to participate in their annual Career Day this morning. The kids were awesome!

Today rocked – and that’s pure happiness. 🙂

Always, never the same

27 04 2011

Comanche and Kestrel and Winona are back to their close little family … these two have Tenaz … my assumption is that Sage and Iya and baby are together (I saw horses that I think were them – Murphy’s law of wild horses: the horses you most want to find will tantalize you from behind hills and the edges of arroyos and from great distances – and then they’ll be gone when you hike in) – and Hollywood is doing fine with Piedra and baby Bri.

How quickly it all changes, eh?

Now, do you know who these two are? 🙂

No new babies, but I’ll finally have pix of Shadow’s little boy … coming soon.

Tomorrow is a big day – I’ll be talking to local third-, fourth- and fifth-graders about what I do during their Career Day in the morning, then I’ll be guide to some very special guests who are visiting Southwest Colorado from Armenia and Turkey! I’m so excited to introduce them to some of our gorgeous American mustangs!

Worth it all

25 04 2011

What we do, we do for them. That’s worth more than words … they’re worth everything.