The head tilt

28 02 2014

Seven, Shadow and Tesora

Well, hello, beauties! Seven and Tesora with shy Shadow.

Light like gold on those beautiful faces. Still fuzzy, so winter may not be quite done with us. Though grass is growing – and rain today was welcome manna from the heavens.

Elder, younger

27 02 2014

Poco and Killian

You know the saying about putting your wishes out to the universe?

The answer, in this case, is the bay boy on the left: Poco. 🙂

This was the first sighting I’ve had of him for a while, which isn’t unusual through the winter (what winter). Happy is my heart to see the elder fellow with young Killian.

Pretty boys

26 02 2014

Skywalker, David and Seven

Skywalker and David had a little visit from a little band. Wisely, they didn’t challenge Seven but went their separate way.

At his leisure

23 02 2014


Chrome watched some visitors to Spring Creek Basin while his band napped behind him. Clearly, he wasn’t too alarmed. 🙂

Action shot

22 02 2014


It’s rare that Grey/Traveler gets animated for me anymore, but he’ll still strut his mustang stuff for visitors!

His mares would agree that the boy’s “still got it”!

Mr. Stretch

20 02 2014


Not much feels as good as a nice, deep stretch. Tenaz sure seemed to enjoy stretching after his midday nap!

Almost dark

19 02 2014

Killian, Apollo and Sundance

While walking back from a visit with Chrome’s band, these young misters came to say hello. Sundance, Apollo and Killian have buddied up to keep each other company.

The light was fading fast, but I couldn’t pass the opportunity to greet three of my favorite boys!