Moving through

14 05 2021

Grazing through the greasewood on a lovely evening, minutes after the sun dropped below a cloud, just before it dropped before the far western ridge.

Raven in flight

13 05 2021

Low light. Waiting for rain.

The good green that is greasewood

12 05 2021

Thank goodness we have greasewood to make our world green. We do have other green bits currently, which also is very, very good.

Chipeta demonstrates the dreamy way to take advantage of the green.

Spirit, untamed

11 05 2021

Apparently, there’s a new “Spirit” movie almost out called “Spirit Untamed.” 🙂

Our little Spirit is living, breathing proof of the untameable spirit of mustangs.

Stallion seeking mares

10 05 2021

It’s hard keeping one’s ladies in line. They’re independent thinkers, those girls, and though a stallion can mostly get them lined out in the “right” direction, they do like to dawdle here and there and everywhere.

Here, Storm was on the march to collect a couple of wayward grazers as they made their way (I think) toward and in the direction of – eventually – water. He was well aware of a band just leaving the water source, not too far away, and that might have lent a little urgency to his mission. I was with them until the sun did hit the horizon, and though they moved to the other side of a big arroyo, they didn’t seem in too big a hurry to challenge the other band on the path to evening water.

Happy Mother’s Day!

9 05 2021

Happy Mother’s Day to all our moms! They birth us, care for us, nurture us, support us – always. Where would we be without them!? 🙂

Besty girls

7 05 2021

Even grazing, Temple and Madison are never far from each other.

Light walker

6 05 2021

The heart of the wild, in glorious sunset light just after the sun dropped under a cloud lingering from rain much earlier. We’ll take all we can get (the rain AND the light!).

Spring flamboyance

5 05 2021

Kudos to eagle-(lizard?!-)eyed friend Pat Amthor for spotting this collared lizard on a rock as we drove by on a gorgeous afternoon in Spring Creek Basin! And she didn’t see it from this angle; she saw it from the left (I’ve backed up here when she shouted “lizard”!), where only the head was visible – almost the same color as the rock.

I LOVE these bright, awesome little dinosaurs!

P.S. We got around 0.21 inch of rain early Monday morning. The green is noticeable, and the wildflowers loved the infusion of moisture. 🙂

P.P.S. I’ve been trying to attach the pic to this post for hours without success; hopefully WordPress or my Internet will allow it in the morning, when I’ll try again.

Getting the gleam

4 05 2021

The last time Tenaz appeared on the blog, he was looking a bit rough, in the throes of the latter stages of shedding his winter coat for his summer shorts. So when I saw him the other evening and was practically squinting in the glare of his shine from the angle of the setting sun, I set about trying to capture the full gloriousness of his bayness (!).

But while they are looking fabulous as the days warm suddenly into 80-degree territory, they’re also almost frantically hunting the elusive green (it’s not necessarily elusive … there’s just not a lot of it (… yet?)). So there’s kind of a whole lotta domesticity going on in the basin these days while the horses, well, simply graze. (In other words, he wasn’t quite willing to strike a “handsome-mustang” pose!)

This area of the basin is cut by several shallow arroyos that run down to join the Spring Creek arroyo, so thinking I’d try something different, I stepped into it and tried to photograph Tenaz with the band through his legs in the background.

He did seem at least slightly interested to know why I was suddenly half my normal height. 🙂

But it didn’t stop him from seeking the green!