Grab shot

24 02 2020


Well, it’s still dry. We got less than a tenth of an inch of rain the night before last, and the ground and roads were dry before I got out with the horses.

In good news, the dry allows me to see lots of horses. 🙂

In the gold

23 02 2020


We got some drips and dribbles of rain last night. I’m glad for that much.

Gold from heaven

22 02 2020


We have actual, honest-to-goodness wet stuff in our weekend forecast. The percentages are pretty good … but we’ve seen our chances evaporate (!) before – most recently … pretty much all this winter.

Cross your fingers for us. We have actual, honest-to-goodness dust happening already (already!), and we need some moisture.


21 02 2020


Comanche zeroes in on a (mild) challenger as shadows lengthen from the backside (north side) of Knife Edge.

We’re back in moderate drought, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor. At least one pond has some water now, but in mid-February, it’s not looking so wintry out there. Some parts of Colorado are tired of snow; we in Southwest Colorado are praying for a whole lot more.

Oh, the lovely

20 02 2020


My folks were in Colorado recently for a too-short visit. Of course, we visited mustangs. Though they left horses at home in Texas with an able caretaker, really, you can never see too many horses in a lifetime, no matter where you wander. 🙂

Thank you to everyone who sent comments to our BLM folks during the scoping period for Spring Creek Basin’s HMAP revision. We sure appreciate your time and effort on behalf of keeping our mustangs, like Cassidy Rain above, healthy, free and wild!

Deadline day

19 02 2020


Today is the deadline to send your comments about BLM’s scoping request for the HMAP revision (see here for my initial blog post about the topic).

Sincere thanks to all of you who sent letters! On behalf of our amazing mustangs, we greatly appreciate it!

Pretty, pretty

18 02 2020


Who doesn’t need more snow (even in pix)?

Seriously, if you have “too much snow,” please send to Southwest Colorado. Ship it next-day air. 🙂