Watching the watcher

20 09 2020

Killian’s band is to the right (some stationary, some already moving away), and another band is to the left. Killian stands protectively between them. The chase through the trees has already happened, and the other band is drinking at a seep. Killian, here, seems calm and only observant. What thoughts does he have?

Smoke ‘n dust

19 09 2020

Corazon and Maiku follow the dust trail left by their girls after a dustup with a nearby band as the sun sinks beyond the smoky horizon.

On a walk

18 09 2020

The sky has been smoky again over Disappointment Valley, but Skywalker, moseying after a familiar family, doesn’t seem to mind. He has the necessities, and all is well.

Evening nosh

17 09 2020

Juniper also likes to nibble the greasewood (Really, they all love it like ice cream). That’s the vast sweep of Valentine Mesa (my name for it) behind her.

Mud baby

16 09 2020

The beauty doesn’t mind playing in the dirt now and then. 🙂


15 09 2020

Seneca knows what everyone knows: The best greasewood is the greasewood on the other side of the greasewood bush. 🙂

Outlined by grace

14 09 2020



13 09 2020

What do you call a pinto with appaloosa spots?

A mud-splattered Raven. 🙂

More light

12 09 2020

This is a pic that precedes Wednesday’s pic by 14 frames … and 31 seconds.

It was meant to follow the “Bewitched” post, which featured unusual lighting glowing over our handsome Sundance. … And then snow happened. 🙂

So here’s the rest of that story:

At the time I took these photos, I was in or at the edge of the shade, and Sundance was moseying on after his band, already within the shadow of Valentine Mesa. The perspective of the image is that I’m facing southeast-ish, with southwest to my right-ish. It was just after 7 p.m., and depending where you are in Spring Creek Basin or greater Disappointment Valley, the sun sets around 7:30 p.m.

As Sundance walked past, I pivoted to take pix … snapping several frames, one of which was the pic of Wednesday’s post, where the spotlight of divine light seems to be coming from above his left shoulder – or from the southeast. Which is wild and weird because the sun was setting basically in front of him!

🙂 Who can explain the beauty of magic??

(Note: I had no idea I’d captured Wednesday’s blog pic until I was looking through images on my computer a couple of days after I’d taken them.)

Merry … September?!

10 09 2020

You know that winter storm for the Rockies everyone’s been talking about? (OK, we’ve all been talking about it here in/on the edges of the Rockies.)


It happened. 🙂

At least one part of the basin I hiked around in got at least 2 inches of snow.

You can HEAR the dry, desperate earth and all the thirsty trees sucking and slurping up all that moisture. Like, literally.

From the top of a ridge on my way back to the road, I looked down on a slope full of pinon and juniper trees, and the close-and-foggy air rippled with a sound like a creek running. The world was otherwise completely, totally, absolutely silent, and the fog was so heavy, I could feel it on the skin of my face. But that tender little sound, of water – running, dripping – was completely, totally, absolutely marvelous. 🙂

It was amazing to hang out with Tesora and her family and another band for a little while in that white, wonderful world.

The white melted; the ground still is soggy!