19 11 2017

Hollywood; McKenna Peak and Temple Butte

I asked him if he knew how absolutely stunning he is.

He just gave me that look. 🙂 That look is the look of absolute confidence.


Hee hee, ha ha!

18 11 2017

Skywalker and S'aka; McKenna Peak and Temple Butte

Because even mustangs have senses of humor and like to laugh. 🙂

Gold in November

17 11 2017

Storm and Gaia

Storm and his golden girl, Gaia, walk through irresistible grama grass and angel halos on Veterans Day in Spring Creek Basin.


16 11 2017


Sweet Winona. Kissable but for one teeny tiny little itty bitty thing: She’s a wild, wild girl!

A stallion and his lieutenant

15 11 2017

Tenaz and Bounce

Tenaz and Bounce enjoy beneficial camaraderie in the protection of their band. My human imagination imagines that the younger benefits greatly from the elder.

Pretty little redhead girl

14 11 2017


Her inner fire glows with goodness.

Surrounded by golden goodness

13 11 2017

Mysterium eats grama grass.

Mysterium grazes abundant late-season grama grass in one of the far reaches of Spring Creek Basin.