The tilt

16 10 2018

Comanche and Kestrel

Caught looking gorgeous on a perfect fall day: Comanche and Kestrel.

The little splash of yellow behind them is a turning-gold cottonwood along Disappointment Creek outside Spring Creek Basin Herd Management Area.



15 10 2018


Pretty little Spirit always thinks she can hide.

Pretty little Spirit is so silly. 🙂 And so pretty!


A little yellow flash

14 10 2018

Little yellow bird

Possibly the worst bird photo ever.

But I LOVE that eye!

This little bird – possibly an immature yellow warbler? – fluttered down to the ground behind where I was sitting, watching a band of horses. When I turned around to determine the cause of the soft ruckus, this little beauty was hopping on the ground … then flew up to a sagebush. Of course, it managed to alight on the far side of the stalks, where it watched me watching it. 🙂 Love these littlest gifts from heaven.

When it flew away, I swear it did somersaults. Even Sundance turned to watch with what I can only assume was immense admiration.

Watchin’ the sun go down

13 10 2018


He is THE Sundance. 🙂

Big bad bobkitty

12 10 2018


OK, not “bad” at all – it just went with the headline. 🙂


He got it

11 10 2018

Killian, Aspen's band

Killian saunters across a flat to drink from a rain puddle while another band lingers in the background. He knows he’s all that. 🙂

The light of the rain

10 10 2018

Disappointment Road double rainbow

Double rainbow over Spring Creek Basin from Disappointment Valley Road, looking southeast.

Disappointment Road double rainbow

Rainbow over Seven’s swale in Spring Creek Basin.

Disappointment Road double rainbow

The other end of the above rainbow. … It was INTENSE.

Sunset light on Temple Butte.

Temple Butte and McKenna Peak in the very last light of the post-storm day.

Glorious. 🙂