14 12 2019


In the far places of Spring Creek Basin, mud still is deep and damp – still *mud*.

We have more moisture in the forecast. So while it’s still pretty brown out there, we’re feeling blessed this early in the season. 🙂

Those ears!

13 12 2019



She’s the cutest! 🙂

That boy!

12 12 2019


Mr. Stout – aka Skywalker – was grazing along on top of a hill between his band of bachelor bros and another band. When he split from his buddies, I lost track of them, too, and didn’t see them again.

We had cloudy skies, but the day ended with that delicious light just before the sun set. We have more rain in our forecast – and maybe some snow!

At her leisure

9 12 2019


Spring Creek Basin is soggy. 🙂 I don’t get to say that very often, and I relish the opportunities. As we head into winter, I hope to say it more often!

A different view

8 12 2019


Storm seems to be growing out of his punk rocker phase. 🙂

What a boy. … What a view!

Brown, brown and welcome white

5 12 2019


There’s some snow on them thar hills! The region got a nice snowfall over the holiday … while I was celebrating outside the region with my family.

We’re looking at some more moisture, and because you know we always need it, you know we’re looking forward to it!


4 12 2019


Fuzzy, scruffy, muddy Sundance … is still the handsomest. 🙂