Doing good

18 10 2018


The Colorado chapter of the National Mustang Association held a fundraiser last night at the Sunflower Theatre in Cortez, Colorado.

I’ll do a longer post with pix from the event hopefully tomorrow, but for now, THANK YOU to NMA/CO board members, donors and attendees who made the night very successful and helped us raise money to help our work on behalf of mustangs in Southwest Colorado.

We so appreciate all of you!


Fastest ears in the West

17 10 2018



Kwana was watching another band … while trying not to look too interested as I was watching him. 🙂 What a cutie.

The tilt

16 10 2018

Comanche and Kestrel

Caught looking gorgeous on a perfect fall day: Comanche and Kestrel.

The little splash of yellow behind them is a turning-gold cottonwood along Disappointment Creek outside Spring Creek Basin Herd Management Area.


15 10 2018


Pretty little Spirit always thinks she can hide.

Pretty little Spirit is so silly. 🙂 And so pretty!


Watchin’ the sun go down

13 10 2018


He is THE Sundance. 🙂

He got it

11 10 2018

Killian, Aspen's band

Killian saunters across a flat to drink from a rain puddle while another band lingers in the background. He knows he’s all that. 🙂


9 10 2018


The colors and the day pictured above with Reya were warm. Lately, the days have been cooler. And wetter. 🙂 And we’re kinda super happy about that.