Line of beauty products

20 10 2019


Our “products” of the wild in Spring Creek Basin really will increase the life expectancy and enjoyment of all who view them. … Though they’re also certain to deepen smile lines. 🙂

Sharing snacks

19 10 2019


Kestrel and Piedra find something delicious in the same spot of earth.

Even time

18 10 2019



Near sunset.


Back light

17 10 2019


Even though Tenaz was just featured, I couldn’t resist also sharing this view of the handsome boy! Sunset shadows had already enveloped him and his band, but the last light lingered at our horizon, where Temple Butte and McKenna Peak look more like a painted backdrop than actual geographic features of the land.

Gold ‘n grey

16 10 2019


Wandering Skywalker pauses on his path to watch a band in the very last spread of light over Spring Creek Basin. Just a moment later, he continued on.

As I was leaving the basin, I saw him approaching another band.

Who knows where the paths of wild ones lead? Who knows what we learn when we watch the paths they follow?

The start of fuzz

15 10 2019


Chipeta is getting the fuzzies. Nights are chilly, but days are still short-sleeve warm.

Mustangs of America

14 10 2019


Do you believe in magic?

Of course you do. You enjoy the mustangs of Spring Creek Basin, Disappointment Valley, southwestern Colorado, USA, North America, planet Earth, featured on this blog. 🙂

Pictured is Hollywood’s most beautiful band of lovelies, and in the background, one can see across Spring Creek Basin and lower Disappointment Valley to the northwest. Spring Creek canyon is about center, over Shane’s back. The La Sal Mountains of southeastern Utah dominate the horizon.

They could represent all the wild in all the places.