A life of wild

12 08 2022

Lovely, wise Winona looks a little disheveled as late summer holds heat and dryness, but we are sliding inexorably toward autumn, with cooler days and nights ahead. Hold on, beautiful. Just a bit longer …

A sigh

11 08 2022

A prayer for peace. … And a thousand more … then a thousand more …

Happy birthday, Dad!

10 08 2022

This image of wonderful, handsome Sundance is a perfect tribute to my handsome, wonderful dad. 🙂 Always there for me and his family.

I love you, Dad! 🙂

Gettin’ along, goin’ along

9 08 2022

Temple and some pals watch a pronghorn buck following his little group of does and fawns up on the western edge of Spring Creek Basin amid glowing 4 o’clock.

Step ‘n swish

7 08 2022

Strength and grace and beauty all in one lovely form. Pretty Alegre follows a faint trail to cross a deep arroyo along the way to water. On they went … and by sunset, they were on their way back to that delicious grass.

(Look at that perfect hoof, never touched by an iron rasp held by the hand of man!)

Bonds of sisterhood

6 08 2022

Never far from each other, Winona and Mariah.

Shades of gold

5 08 2022

Even mud-spattered, Cassidy Rain glows like an equine goddess.

Moody greys

3 08 2022

Elegant Juniper with her mud smudges and witchy fairy knots looks right at home under a lowering sky.

The stir he causes

2 08 2022

Tenaz proves once again that every landscape looks magical with a mustang at its heart. 🙂

Pretty under pink

1 08 2022

He looks so much like his great-granddaddy Grey/Traveler. … Miss Rowan glows very golden this summer.

When I first saw them, they were standing together, a bit apart from Aiyanna and Dundee, in a small arrow of sunlight, directed onto them past a fold of the western rimrocks. Before I could get out to them, though, the shaft of light had dimmed from sunset into clouds, but the loveliest light remained, dusting the clouds above with that pink that reflected onto the horses for another few moments.

Sometimes, the question isn’t whether you believe in magic … but how anyone might NOT.