The glory of the greys

17 10 2017

Maia, Alegre and Houdini

It IS possible for a heart to splinter into a million pieces of sheer joy and happiness. … All the better to share all that love.



16 10 2017


And here we have another landmark of Spring Creek Basin: wise Houdini-girl.

That ol’ wind

15 10 2017

Tenaz, McKenna Peak, Temple Butte

It has been pretty windy this fall. Tenaz fights a head wind as he follows his band beneath two of the great landmarks of Spring Creek Basin: McKenna Peak and Temple Butte.

Peaceful, easy feelin’

14 10 2017

Winona, La Sal Mountains

I wouldn’t look at the photographer, either, if I had grass like that. 🙂


13 10 2017

Corazon, Temple Butte

Corazon the stout-and-handsome watches his band graze the damp grasses after rain/snow in Spring Creek Basin.

We’re so thankful for any and all moisture … especially when it dries again so quickly.

I see you

12 10 2017


Killian watches another band while he protects his mares under the snowy ridges of the eastern side of Spring Creek Basin. Just doin’ what a wild stallion does – rain, shine or snow.  🙂


11 10 2017

Reya and Corazon, the Glade

Reya and Corazon cooperated with the photographer by standing on high ground with silvered golden aspen groves in the background … but not so much with attentive ears. 🙂

The background is above Disappointment Valley and beyond Spring Creek Basin. Our fall colors at lower elevations show in wildly yellow rabbitbrush and cottonwoods along Disappointment Creek (which does not flow through Spring Creek Basin) and orangey tamarisk in the drainages. … And sometimes a sliver of snow on the far edges.