Black streak

24 04 2018


That dark streak down Temple’s shoulder has appeared as she greys out. It’s natural in her coat color. I don’t know of any injury she had there that might have caused it.


Direct attention

23 04 2018


Red boy Hayden is the cutest! Especially when he doesn’t know you’re looking.


22 04 2018


There’s really no way to look graceful while taking a mud bath. 🙂 Copper does his best.

That ol’ wind

21 04 2018

Comanche; La Sal Mountains

The skies have not been that blue lately with the howling wind lifting and carrying dust all across the region.

The other side of the county – Telluride – is under a winter storm warning until this morning. In Disappointment Valley, we’re desperate for moisture of any kind.

Even boys need a mud pack

20 04 2018


You didn’t think those stunning good looks happened by accident, did you? Even mustangs require a little bit of pampering at the local spa . 🙂

Maiku ain’t afraid to get a little muddy!

Mustang foreground

19 04 2018

Tenaz; La Sal Mountains

Everybody knows that a mustang in the foreground makes every background perfect.

A matter of perspective

18 04 2018

Hollywood and Maia

Hollywood the handsome watches over his band on a day that was much calmer than the last two howlingly windy days.

Maia and Hollywood

And pretty Maia appreciates the watchfulness of her faithful stallion. 🙂