Braids a’swingin’

15 02 2019


Alternative title for Raven: Black winter velvet. 🙂


Postcard from Disappointment Valley

14 02 2019

Alegre and Maia

Alegre and Maia pose for a pretty picture with some new snow last week.


Happy Valentine’s Day to all who LOVE! 🙂

Wind! What wind?!

13 02 2019

Puzzle; Temple Butte and McKenna Peak

Puzzle, ever the fashionista, rocks the winter wind with her wind-knotted wild mane. 🙂

Seriously, who needs Show Sheen?! Not this marvelous mustang mare!

Going, going …

12 02 2019


In yesterday’s blog post, I mentioned that it was windy. It has *been* windy … which is a bit weird in the winter here. We’re used to windy springs, but even the horses get tired of the wind, I think.




Tenaz was just trying to get out of the wind … and the photographer was on the wrong side of the wind break. 🙂

Wind through his mane

11 02 2019


Skywalker didn’t let a little breeze get in the way of a nap. He did sway a bit as the wind howled and pushed, but he kept his feet. 🙂


9 02 2019

Temple; Filly Peak

Fuzzy grey girl Temple looks right at home in snowy Spring Creek Basin. 🙂

Wait for me!

8 02 2019


Hollywood got ahead of his girls and, while he waited, did a a little modeling for me. Then he decided to take a nap after his hard work of looking handsome, so I left him to it and went back to visit with his girls. He apparently woke up and thought they were leaving without him as they grazed their way up the hill.

Of course, they’d never actually leave him. 🙂 He’s such a hunky model!