When friends crash your photo shoot

25 06 2019

Kestrel and Comanche

Kestrel and Comanche

Again, you’re welcome for your morning chuckle. 🙂


24 06 2019

Maia, Alegre and Houdini

What other critters has this amazing and ancient juniper tree sheltered in its shade over decades – or centuries??

Maia, Alegre and Houdini certainly appreciate its shade.

No exertion here

23 06 2019

Storm; Temple Butte and Brumley Point

Storm was napping in the cooler-than-usual summer sunshine, with his band grazing around him. I found a place to sit and watch (taking advantage of the spectacular background!), and every now and then, he’d come alert and look over, assure himself that all was well, then return to his nap.

Not too much bothers the big boy. 🙂

Summer solstice

22 06 2019

Hayden; McKenna Peak

Sometimes, it’s impossible to convey the *feeling* behind the beauty of our world. Sure, photos can help me *try* to share that beauty, but a photo is only a square, limited view.

Wherever THERE is for you, get out there in the beauty, and if you can, share it with others.

Think about the variety of life on this planet. Nowhere else in the known universe has what Earth has. We are so blessed to enjoy the beauty of this big, blue ball.

And happy summer solstice. 🙂 Summer is here.

Blooms ‘n blues

20 06 2019

Kwana with blooming prickly pear cacti.

Kwana’s baby blues aren’t on display in this image, but the cacti are blooming, and the grass is growing!


19 06 2019

Hollywood; Temple Butte

Mr. Calm trots back to his band after a brief get-together with some young bachelors. Hollywood has reason to be calm; he’s in his prime, and actual challenges are few.


18 06 2019


The pintos are small. And mighty. Mighty small. All mighty! 🙂