Snow white

17 04 2021

Rising above the brown, below the blue, Alegre-girl. As far as I know, she doesn’t eat apples (no apple trees in the basin). 🙂

White stuff for the brown land

16 04 2021

Parts of the basin got a wave of graupel yesterday evening.

Later, it snowed. … Yep, SNOWED. Big, fat, lovely flakes. They all melted on impact with the ground, my sweatshirt, the horses’ fuzzy coats (still, a bit) and windblown manes and forelocks. We did get some moisture out of it … as my slightly muddy shoes showed when I got back to the Jeep. 🙂

It wasn’t nearly enough, but it sure was nice.

Top o’ the world

15 04 2021

It took some miles and elevation gain to catch up with Kwana and his band a few days ago in the far eastern part of the basin. Miles well walked. 🙂

Wet in the dry

14 04 2021

Kwana drinks from a seep in an arroyo. Most of the water coming to the surface was “downstream” to the right (see next pic). The white stuff is salt.

Yep, it’s as dry out there as it looks.

Winter wave

13 04 2021

Think of this image as part shedding, part brutal wind ruffling the shedding hair of a still-fluffy mustang. 🙂

Love in the air

12 04 2021

Hollywood makes goo-goo eyes at one of his mares.

They’re busily chasing green stuff, and while you have to be practically on top of it to see it, it’s there.

Roughie fellow

11 04 2021

Tenaz is rough and scruffy at the end of winter. Days are longer and warmer … and as dry and windy as ever. Soon, we’ll see sleek and shiny ‘stangs. Our first little wildflowers of spring – phlox – just appeared in the last couple of days.


10 04 2021

Best. Mustachio. In. The. WEST!


9 04 2021

Temple was pretty focused on her evening rambling and browsing and had no time to spare for glamour shots. Because I find her beautiful in all ways and at all times, I took her picture anyway. 🙂

Rose glow

8 04 2021

Always a handsome way to end a day: Skywalker. 🙂