Where the white starts

28 02 2019


Another face we love: Killian and one of his mares, waiting out the blizzard a few days ago.

THESE days, that ol’ mercury is climbing (50s!), and the snow we got is melting, soaking, seeping, guzzling into the ground to the plants and trees and bushes and shrubs that need it desperately.

What a difference in the land and the mood. 🙂

Breezy beauty

27 02 2019

Cassidy Rain; Temple Butte and McKenna Peak

Sweet Cassidy Rain is framed by McKenna Peak (right) and Temple Butte (left).

Just a little breeze and lots of life-giving snow.

Where’s Seneca?

26 02 2019


I love snow. 🙂

Seeing spots

25 02 2019


I LOVE that face! 🙂

So white, so perfect

24 02 2019

Maia and Alegre

Our moisture prayers are being answered this winter. All that white now means more green and more water in ponds and creeks and seeps and springs this summer.


White on white

23 02 2019


Kwana rocks those baby blues against a white, white world.

White world

22 02 2019

Tenaz; Knife Edge

It snows and gets white. The snow melts, and the world is brown again. Then it snows again, and the world is white again.

It’s not ever a lot of snow, but every drip of moisture seeping into the parched ground is so very welcome.

We love winter! 🙂