Seeing double

30 11 2012

Raven and Skywalker

Great big boy, and isn’t it amazing how much he looks like mama? For now!

Kissed by light

29 11 2012

And mama. 🙂

Mama Chipeta and her baby girl, Seneca. Look how big she has grown!

So clearly going grey!

Against the light

28 11 2012

On a hill at sunset:

Corazon, Reya and S’aka.

Maiku and Copper.

A cap to another gorgeous day in the basin. But it’s scary dry. And no relief in sight.

Found Seneca, too. What a big girl she is!

Did any of you see the moon rise? She never disappoints. Lovely. Soooo lovely.

And I have no pix of this yet, but having seen almost everybody, I’m pretty sure Puzzle is with David and Shadow – and now you know who I *didn’t* see. I’ve been looking, though. 🙂 You’ll be the first to know when I do have picture-perfect pix!

A little blue

27 11 2012

Just because … I haven’t seen him but from afar for a while.

Kwana with his daddy, Chrome. Do you see how he’s turning grey?

Handsome little boy with the blue, blue eyes!

Fire and shadow

26 11 2012

Mr. Hayden:

This red boy isn’t missing any groceries, either! He’s always with Tenaz and Apollo, and on this evening, Aspen and Seven (previously featured) were with them.

What a handsome young mister he has become!


25 11 2012

And blessed.

Kootenai and Mysterium near sunset. Riches come in quiet moments that last far longer than gold. But every night – golden colors and healthy horses. Love.


24 11 2012

No, this isn’t a post about an expectant mama.

It’s about stallions going into winter with happy bellies! Look at these pudgy boys: Aspen (right) and Seven!

They were hanging out with youngsters Hayden, Tenaz and Apollo. Always nice to see the older boys guiding the younger generation.

Handsome misters. 🙂