31 05 2017


One moment in a day of moments. Comanche the handsome just gets more handsome. 🙂


30 05 2017

Bounce, McKenna Peak

Elder Mr. Bounce is lean these days, but he’s shiny, and he still loves the girls, though he doesn’t have any now.

He’s hanging with the band – and I hope ya’ll are, too!


Not being a hashtag kinda person, I may not have done that right, but I hope ya’ll are with the band!

Memorial honor

29 05 2017


It would be an amazing world if there was no strife, no war, no tragedy.

Today, we remember those who served in the U.S. armed forces … and never returned home to their families.  We mourn you … and we thank you for your service and your sacrifice.


To arms

28 05 2017


By now, you all must have heard about the explosion of disbelief and outrage about the 2018 budget proposal. No one seems to be happy … and wild horse and burro advocates are no exception.

My friend Pam Nickoles has a succinct post with pertinent links on her blog.

More information is available on all the major advocacy sites, and news sites are covering the issue as well.

Surely we can work together for better treatment and management for our wildlife.

Red, rimmed

27 05 2017


Because he’s much cuter than the previous pic shows. 🙂

Also not grey

26 05 2017


Grey mud doesn’t count. 🙂

Bold big red Hayden wasn’t terribly happy to have to put out so much energy after his spa treatment in pursuit of his band.


Glamour girl

25 05 2017


They just take your breath – and your words – away, don’t they? 🙂 Pretty redhead Tesora gives us her model pose.