Against daylight

30 11 2014


In French: contre-jour – “against daylight.” I love shooting against the light. It produces something beautiful that conventional wisdom advises against.

I just learned this term; doesn’t it sound lovely in French? Chipeta is lovely in any language!

Sharing breath

29 11 2014

Maiku and Spirit

Why, yes, Spirit, we do see you flirting with your uncle Maiku. 🙂


27 11 2014

Puzzle, Chipeta, Temple Butte

Thanksgiving Day is the day to say publicly how grateful I am for the opportunity to know these horses we call mustangs in honor of their wild, untamed spirit. My favorite holiday is one day on the calendar, but it’s a feeling I carry every day of the year.

I am extremely grateful for my family, who raised me (and my brother) with horses. All good things in my life have come from the foundation they gave me in love and horses.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, to your horses and other critters, to your families.


25 11 2014

S'aka and Skywalker

The boys form close bonds, too.


24 11 2014

Skywalker, McKenna Peak, Temple Butte

Photography of wild horses tip No. 327: When they won’t give you the time of day, include a stunning background.

Relaxed, calm, peaceful; visits always are worth more than pictures, which hopefully do well to serve as simple, lovely reminders.


22 11 2014

Kwana, Duke and Kreacher

Young Kwana is hanging out with bachelors Duke and Kreacher. This isn’t the first time Duke has been a mentor to a stallion in the younger generation. He fills the role in his understated way, in his wonderful way.

That face, that butte

20 11 2014

Apollo, Temple Butte

Handsome Mr. Apollo was chillin’ with his mates on a lovely evening. Behind him, our iconic McKenna Peak and Temple Butte.

Blowing smoke

19 11 2014

S'aka blows steam on a nippy evening in Spring Creek Basin.

S’aka blows steam on a nippy evening in Spring Creek Basin. Remnants of our first snowfall linger still on the shadowed sides of hills and ridges. The cold temps that turned rain to snow also linger! But the horses are in fine shape as fall turns to winter.


17 11 2014


Mm hmm. Hunk. 🙂


16 11 2014

Mysterium, La Sal Mountains

Beautiful mustang. Beautiful mountains. Beautiful light.

Really, another image of Mysterium trotting across a ridge below the La Sals is not “too much.”