31 10 2018

Skywalker and S'aka

Skywalker and S’aka are such pals. It’s not always enmity and fighting among wild boys. There’s a great deal of getting-alongness.

Boy power

30 10 2018

Hollywood and Comanche

Hollywood and Comanche express their studliness.

Winner? Both. 🙂

Head in the clouds

29 10 2018


Super S’aka!

Happy birthday, Mom!

28 10 2018


Happy birthday to my mom, Nancy! 🙂

My wish for you is happiness and peace and a touch of wild on this almost-spookiest of autumn days! Of course, with such a thing to celebrate, it has never seemed scary. My mom is the awesomest, and she’s the person I look forward to talking with more than any other person on the planet.

I love you! 🙂


She gleams

27 10 2018


In Houdini’s case, she IS the gorgeous view! 🙂

So red

26 10 2018




Handsome as a picture

25 10 2018

Skywalker; McKenna Peak and Temple Butte

I swear on a stack of mustangs that I did NOT Photoshop this photo.

Skywalker-the-uber-handsome and Spring Creek Basin really ARE that gorgeous!

Bay, beautiful

24 10 2018


How does brown GLOW?

Madison knows. Spring Creek Basin and Disappointment Valley know.

They ALL glow. 🙂

Eye candy

23 10 2018

Pitch's band

Disappointment Valley and beyond (all the way to Utah).

They’re beautiful, eh? I mean, what a view. 🙂

Beauty in the dark

22 10 2018


Winona catches the light before the sun slips below the rimrocks.