Big boy, big mountains

31 10 2017

Skywalker, La Sal Mountains

OK, so the La Sals aren’t the biggest mountains around. But they’re our mountains, and they’re part of our big views. 🙂

Skwaylker definitely is one of the big boys of Spring Creek Basin. Still looking for a love!

Boys on the move

30 10 2017

Skywalker and S'aka

Skywalker and S’aka – big and little – mosey across the grasslands of Spring Creek Basin. 🙂

Golden, so golden

29 10 2017


Alkali sacaton and grama grass. What more could a wild pony want during the gloriously golden days of Colorado autumn?

Happy birthday, Mom!

28 10 2017


Happy birthday to my mom, Nancy!

It’s a pretty amazing one – the big 7-0!

She just had knee-replacement surgery, but she’s taking it all in stride (get it?!) and hopes to be back in the saddle soon. 🙂

I’m so grateful for my mom (and dad, too!), for all she (they) has/have done and do for me and my brother, and the people in their community. Most of all, of course, I’m glad for the gift of horses!

Love you, Mom! 🙂


27 10 2017


Sweet Mariah glows at the setting of the sun on another perfectly glorious fall day in Spring Creek Basin.

The everything

26 10 2017


Do we need another reason to fight for them?


This is a good place to note that the Onaqui herd in Utah needs our help. This herd, like Spring Creek Basin, Sand Wash Basin and Little Book Cliffs in Colorado, is beloved of many, many people. BLM is proposing a roundup there to remove as many as 235 horses from this herd to the low end of AML (appropriate management level) of just 121 horses. That would be devastating to the herd, which is made up of at least four distinct groups. It also would undermine the success of the PZP program ongoing with volunteers and local BLM employees. Fertility control projects need to be given the chance to be successful – as it is in the Onaqui herd – as it is in Colorado where used.

Wild Horses of America Foundation – – has information on its website to help you craft a comment letter to BLM. Please personalize your comments and be respectful. Remember that BLM *IS* currently working with volunteers for this herd, and their work needs to continue in an atmosphere of respect and collaboration.

Please send comments by 4 p.m. Oct. 31 MST:


Bureau of Land Management
Salt Lake Field Office
2370 South Decker Lake Boulevard
Salt Lake City, UT 84119

Subject (for email and mail): Population Control, Gather, and Research for the Onaqui Mountain Wild Horse Herd Management Area Project

Velvet & silk

25 10 2017


Does Gaia ever look anything other than completely glamorous?