The place we love

31 07 2022

This image is just about perfect as far as showing our bounty of riches currently: Grass, water, mustangs, room to roam.

The very farthest, pinon-juniper-crowded area in the distance is NOT part of Spring Creek Basin, but between here and there … and many more acres to boot … ARE. And we love every inch.

Dear delight

30 07 2022

Gaia, so pretty.

That’s actually her nickname. 🙂 What can I say – she IS Gaia, so pretty!

Brothers in arms

29 07 2022

Skywalker and his bachelor pal kicked up some dust this evening around their band and a couple of others.

Showing off for the mares? Protecting those in the band they follow? Either way, it was an impressive sight!

Raven alight in a sea of grass

28 07 2022

I’ve been trying to figure out how to show all that glorious grass that’s newly *lush* in Spring Creek Basin … but it’s been curiously hard. And WITH all that good grass, the horses are eating most of the time, standing around, not so much of the time. They know a good thing when they have it, and they’re grazing the bounty. 🙂

Thanks to Raven for helping to illustrate the *grass*, spiked in only a couple of places by a couple of four-wing saltbush branches.

Curiosity & wisdom

27 07 2022

The cool, clear gaze of a mustang conveys such knowledge as humans may once have had and most have lost … a deep understanding of the world and their place in it. We should be so wise!


26 07 2022

Just a wee bit of rainbow sometimes is all one needs to see to believe in magic.

Feel the love

25 07 2022

Temple on another peaceful evening.

Mostly, the days ARE peaceful, so much so that it’s sometimes hard to think of – or remember – other times, when wind howls or thunder booms or rain lashes or equine scuffles break out or human-made noise whines. The peaceful times are balm to the chaos of outer times and worlds far away from Spring Creek Basin. If I could take those times and spread them across the entirety of the world … that we all should feel that calm … how sweet would it be.

Just a sliver of bright

24 07 2022

At least somebody’s getting rain. 🙂 Our forecast perks up with moisture in another couple of days, but we wouldn’t mind it sooner than later. Cooler temps ARE much appreciated.

Drifting gently

23 07 2022

Who doesn’t like a little post-supper nap at sunset? 🙂 While her band napped and grazed around her, Mysterium took the opportunity for a little shut-eye.

The line

22 07 2022

Now and then, Sundance is called upon to show his fierce side in defense of his girls.

Most often, that’s all it takes, and the other stallion says, “hey, man, no worries, right?” And calm is restored.

But he sure does look awesome in his protection mode, eh? 🙂