Mama soothes

30 10 2014

Seneca and Chipeta

Mama Chipeta can always be counted on to provide relief to “baby” Seneca.

Oh, so pretty

29 10 2014

Alegre and Houdini

Isn’t she just divine? Sweet Alegre with Houdini.

My mom …

28 10 2014

… is 67 years old today! 🙂

Winona, McKenna Peak, Temple Butte

She is one of the most compassionate people I know. From a young age, inspired by a favorite uncle who was a doctor, she knew she wanted to be a nurse. An untold number of patients of all ages benefited from her calm approach to nursing them back to health. On the downside, when we were kids, my brother and I rarely got out of school for “illness”!

She’s the best cook/chef/baker I know. What’s my favorite food? Anything my mom makes! She’s a horsewoman, a dog lover, a gardener (and canner/preserver, following a long line of women in her family), a woman who sews, a planter and lover of trees, a chicken wrangler, the glue that binds our extended family, a farmer, a rancher, a mechanic’s helper, a veterinarian in a pinch, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a wife (and an Army wife at that), a mom, my best friend.

My mom is my role model, the woman I aspire to be.

I love you, Mom! Happy birthday! 🙂

Lookee here

25 10 2014


Pretty bay Madison looks back toward her band during a pause in grazing. The greasewood in the foreground makes her look bashful, but she’s a big, bold girl.

Sunset silhouettes

24 10 2014

Sunset silhouettes

On a recent evening in Spring Creek Basin, the horses in Comanche’s band were perfectly positioned on top of a hill against the lovely sunset. No rain, but the clouds were nice.

Black ‘n gold

23 10 2014


Handsome elder Bounce managed to find one golden bush in the basin behind which to nap (yes, that’s a human way of looking at it, but he was behind it when I got into position in front of it).

Autumn lingers in southwestern Colorado – in the light, in the dust (rain keeps passing around us), in the cottonwoods now flaming along the length of Disappointment Creek (which does not flow through Spring Creek Basin), in the horses’ coats, thickening.

Wild below and above

19 10 2014

Bachelors trot across Spring Creek Basin.

Bachelors trot across Spring Creek Basin below two of our most prominent landmarks, McKenna Peak and the unnamed promontory. The latter now is being called Temple Butte, in honor of Pati and David Temple, who have been such steadfast supporters of Spring Creek Basin’s mustangs. In a few more years, we’ll be able to apply to USGS to officially name the promontory. Good friend AB is leading that charge.


16 10 2014

Apollo and Seven

Handsome faces – Apollo and Seven.

Elder Seven has been with the youngsters, then apart, then with. It’s nice to see them together.


12 10 2014

S'aka and Skywalker

From the perspective of the bottom of a shallow arroyo, S’aka achieves the illusion of height. Or not. 🙂

In the near background, grey Skywalker. In the far background, the gold of autumn aspen.


11 10 2014


Piedra takes a long walk through golden grass near the Spring Creek canyon in Spring Creek Basin.


Fall is beautiful. The light is scrumptious. The ponies are putting on their long coats.