Black and blue

30 04 2016



Aurora stands against rain-curtained far hills. We have gotten some rain … though not to the extent forecast. It’s still in our forecast, and we’re still hopeful, even as all the region finally is showing signs of spring green. It’s a beautiful time of year, after all!

Another sign of spring: See how sleek and shiny she is!


29 04 2016



Our mares are lucky ladies, aren’t they? 🙂

That light

28 04 2016


Comanche is handsome in any light, of course, but this light is a highlight in oh so many ways.


Got action?

27 04 2016



This brings to mind the insane people who would cause a horse pain in order to achieve maximum action – all in pursuit of a bit of ribbon. Here, Corazon shows off his high-steppin’ ability – naturally. The crazy thing is that Saddlebreds and Tennessee Walking Horses have that natural ability. It’s only humans who would overly and unnaturally exaggerate it.


26 04 2016



Here’s another hunky young(ish) stallion in Spring Creek Basin: Sundance.

The weather has been windy, and the wind makes it dry – drier, even, than normal – which is dry (!). Thankfully, we have rain in the forecast, and if the wind pushes the rain to us, well, we’ll take it!


25 04 2016

Alegre, McKenna Peak, Temple Butte


Oh, lovely Alegre, how we do love the wind in your hair.

All aligned

24 04 2016

Maiku, La Sal Mountains


Maiku was just grazing along … and at just the right moment, he raised his head long enough for a perfect pic of Spring Creek Basin with the La Sal Mountains in the background.

The day was perfect, and, as the saying goes, life is good!

From the south

23 04 2016



Shadow may be as wide as she is tall.

Stripey type

22 04 2016



Here’s another, closer look at Hollywood’s most excellent leg stripes.

This fantastic stallion represents introduced blood/genetics – his mother came to us from Sand Wash Basin. We’re pretty happy to have him. 🙂

Nappin’ with the wind

21 04 2016

Hayden and Cassidy Rain

Hayden and Cassidy Rain take an early evening nap in the wind and sunshine. That’s Brumley Point in the distance.