Pure mustang

31 05 2019


The Denver news last night shared that this is the first time since 2000 that Colorado has not, in any part of the state, been in any kind of abnormally dry conditions. Our region in southwestern Colorado records a whopping snowpack 713 percent of normal.

Now, Disappointment Valley doesn’t get a lot of snowpack-melting benefit other than what flows down Disappointment Creek. The great majority of our landscape relies on moisture that falls directly on it.

But if the pic above, showing lovely Madison, looks green, it’s because we HAVE gotten a fair amount of moisture that has fallen directly on the land – including just an hour or so earlier on the day that pic was taken. 🙂

Fresh air

30 05 2019


Hayden the amazingly red enjoys a nap in the spring sunshine. How is it that the ponies always have the most fashionable, perfectly tousled do’s … and we humans are just wind-blasted?

Little bit of a hair day

29 05 2019


Need to start your day with a chuckle?

You’re welcome. 🙂

Case, made

28 05 2019

Alegre and Houdini

Sorry, other herds, THESE two gorgeous grey girls are THE most gorgeous grey girls in the whole wide, wild world. 🙂

Need proof? Seriously? See above!

Memorial Day

27 05 2019


This weekend, we have celebrated the holiday that has the somber tones of memories of those who fought for this country and did not return home to families and loved ones.

These days, almost everyone knows someone who serves or has served in the military. That means we probably know someone who didn’t come home, or we know someone who knows someone – or even many someones.

The best way we can honor them is to remember.

Little bitty dirty boy

26 05 2019

S'aka; McKenna Peak (barely seen, Temple Butte)

When the weather turns warmer and the wind (!) isn’t keeping the gnats away, wild ponies head to the spa. (The wind has been ferocious the last couple of days, and I’ve still been swatting at my face under the brim of my visor.)

Spring slick

25 05 2019


Mr. Slick is shiny! Tenaz is sleek and ready for warm weather (which is coming … after some more cold nights!).

Always watching

24 05 2019

Comanche; McKenna Peak and Temple Butte

Don’t let his apparently relaxed, grazing demeanor fool you. Comanche is ever alert to all that happens within proximity of his band. 🙂

Modeling spring skies

23 05 2019


Our skies have looked a lot like this lately. Our ground is damp, and our horses are lovely.  🙂

Green – and black and white

22 05 2019


We’re getting rain. It took a while for our world to green up this spring, but I think it’s safe to say we’re getting greener. 🙂