Side by side

28 02 2013

Shane and mama Mona

Mona (dun) and her daughter Shane both ended up in Hollywood’s band, separately. Shane turned 2 in September. She’s still close to her mama.

Back to back

27 02 2013

Madison walks past mama Kestrel.

Curious Madison walks past mama Kestrel on a snowy day a couple of weeks ago.

Sunlight and shadow. Mama and daughter. Pretty-pretty.

Snow run

26 02 2013

Comanche's and Hollywood's bands.

Comanche brings up the rear of a mix of his and Hollywood’s bands: Juniper, Madison, Kestrel, Temple and Piedra. Pre-dawn a week or so ago.

Snow day

25 02 2013

Shane and Piedra

Shane and Piedra – in Hollywood’s band – looking warm and wooly on a snowy day in Spring Creek Basin.

Mama & Kwana

24 02 2013

Terra and her baby boy, Kwana.

Little baby blue eyes had just awakened from a nap. Growing babies need a snack after a nap! Sometimes, babies walk right up to nurse, but other times, they need to convince mamas to allow them to nurse. And sometimes, it seems just habit because mamas aren’t going anywhere. That was the case here. Terra was grazing a short distance from Winona and Chrome, who had been grazing within feet of napping Kwana. The little mister – as foals do – walked tight around mama’s head, and she’s raising her head to give him room to walk around her.

Kwana nursing from mama Terra.

Happy, content mama and baby.

Those ears

23 02 2013


One up, one back. His attention is divided. As usual.

I love those ears.

On the rocks

22 02 2013

Winona and Chrome among the rocks of Filly Peak.

Who is that wonderful artist who “hides” her pinto horses in snow and rocks and trees? Does this photo remind you of her art? Maybe I’m just crazy! Terra and Kwana, out in the open, were easy to spot this particular morning before sunrise, but Chrome and Winona were “hiding” in plain sight among the boulders of Filly Peak!