On we go

30 04 2020


Maiku gallops back to his band (he’s a lieutenant) after a chat with another stallion. That’s prominent Brumley Point in the background.

We’re warm and dry and doing socially distanced dances for rain!

Beauty under (dark) blue sky

29 04 2020


Pretty Juniper glows under stormy skies.

Walkin’ on light

28 04 2020


Our favorite Raven of all the black beauties who fly o’er Spring Creek Basin. She shines against the Colorado sky.

Temple of the basin

27 04 2020


Lovely Temple takes our focus off the still-brown range. There’s some green starting to sprout, and we’re watching closely.

As an interesting aside, that dribble of dark from Temple’s neck down her shoulder is a line of still-dark hairs growing amid her greying coat. You might think it’s caused from scarring, but it’s not. It is, however, very distinctive.

Natural high

26 04 2020


Mysterium naps just below a ridge just below McKenna Peak. It was my first time in that particular area of Spring Creek Basin … but it probably won’t be my last.

All one

25 04 2020


In the magic of the light we all share, from the same radiant source, aren’t we all the same rich colors after all?

Light lines

24 04 2020


I took this shot of one of our bachelors from another ridge like those pictured, far in the eastern part of Spring Creek Basin. He was watching over a band below him.