No-haze days

16 07 2018

Raven; McKenna Peak and Temple Butte

Raven on a hazy day not so long ago. We have gotten some drips and drizzles, and even with just a little moisture, our world feels the relief.


Pretty little redhead girl

15 07 2018


Isn’t Tesora the prettiest little thing going? 🙂

Stud zone

14 07 2018


Lesser stallions, beware. Kwana is young … and studly. 🙂


13 07 2018


Mighty Tenaz, golden and glowing in the late-evening sunshine.

Straight on

12 07 2018


What do you think she’s thinking? 🙂

Facing the wind

11 07 2018

Hollywood, Shane and Maia

Hollywood and his girls Shane and Maia make any scenery look better. 🙂

The view, usual

10 07 2018

Terra; McKenna Peak and Temple Butte

Terra, again, a couple of days after the below photo/post.

This photo illustrates our usual view: Sunshine in the basin and rain beyond the horizon (McKenna Peak and Temple Butte).

The clouds did eventually cover us that evening – it was the evening of the rainbow – and we got a teeny amount of raindrops. As evidenced by the swirly swish of that stunning tail, the wind preceded the rain by hours. 🙂