A little bit ‘o light

6 08 2020

Seneca catches the light at the end of another blue day with lovely – but not rain-bearing – clouds.


5 08 2020

Another teeny critter in the basin. The hole is in a very shallow little arroyo that leads to a bigger, deeper arroyo. I think this critter also is a youngster, based on its size.

Much fluffier than that last baby critter!


4 08 2020

It’s not quite “Man from Snowy River,” but all the horses seemed to have fun galloping down this slope, which is the other side of the slope they grazed their way up, and which made a very narrow spine-of-a-saddle between two hills … and two drainages.

Down the hill in the direction Juniper is going (following some of her band, followed by the rest of her band): water.

Teeny critter

4 08 2020

This little critter is easier to see (well, kinda) – and standing nearly right over him/her, the lens is zoomed in as much as possible. S/he was TINY. About the size of the end of my finger, maybe. The only reason I saw it was because of the motion of it, scuttling around on those little baby legs. Fast! I got only three pix snapped, and only one – this one – was even slightly in focus.


3 08 2020

What are those silly bachelors up to THIS time?!

Comanche is pretty calm, but the boys have come knocking, and they bear watching.

Lookin’ for love

2 08 2020

Maiku’s still looking … still happy with his little family and his place in it (lieutenant).

Snack on the go

1 08 2020

The ground was damp when I took this pic of Kestrel last week while she snacked on some four-wing saltbush. It was quite, um, cool. 🙂


31 07 2020

We wish our skies were that shade of blue these days. … But they’re now either clear of clouds, or the clouds are bright white, not rain-promise blue.

Fine dining

30 07 2020

Do you have a great view while you eat supper? Killian’s band does. 🙂

Red in the green

29 07 2020

Mister Hayden’s band was behind him. Another stallion’s band was ahead of him. Another stallion who already has a lieutenant stallion and didn’t need any “help” from Hayden to ward off the young bachelor also on the prowl through the trees.