King of his hill

7 12 2016

Mule deer buck in Spring Creek Basin.

This totally cuuuuuute local guy walked by in Spring Creek Basin the other day. I was smitten at first glance, but he kept on a’walkin’.🙂

Put a little love in your heart

6 12 2016

Sweet touch.

We’re gonna need bigger hearts to hold all the love.🙂

Boo boos

5 12 2016

Skywalker and S'aka

Skywalker has a cut and significant swelling over his right eye.

S’aka has a scrape and slight swelling over his left eye.

Young boys always sport scars and scrapes!

Showin’ off the snow

4 12 2016

Piedra, McKenna Peak, Temple Butte

Pretty Piedra keeps an eye on a visitor while said visitor was visiting to check out the snow level (a fair bit) and the mustangs (lookin’ good). The moisture is extremely welcome.

More gold

3 12 2016

Golden eagle

This beauty was just a few miles outside Spring Creek Basin. In the background are the fresh-snow-covered La Sal Mountains.

The magic of beauty and wildness is all around us!

Golden dreams

2 12 2016


Colorado is white. And cold.

Winter arrived while I was in Texas, celebrating the season of thanksgiving with my family.🙂

Now ’tis the season of white-stuff moisture, and as we do every winter, we hope Mother Nature smiles on us and provides lots of it.

It’s at the top of my to-do list to get back into Spring Creek Basin and see those gorgeous mustangs. Horses here definitely are fuzzy – especially compared with their Texas cousins. Those winter woolies are necessary as temps here have been in the single digits!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families and friends.🙂

Lookin’ good

1 12 2016


Handsome young Killian is relaxed and ready as he watches another nearby band. He’s just a good-lookin’ pony, isn’t he?!🙂