12 11 2018


Every post – every mustang – could have the title “Pretty”!

Pretty Puzzle is just another one of our very gorgeous Spring Creek Basin mustangs. 🙂



11 11 2018


We live on the most beautiful planet in the universe.

Fact. 🙂

On behalf of this country that values freedom, thank you to our veterans … for your service, for your dedication, for the freedom of us all.

My dad, David; my grandpas, Ken and Walter; my Uncle Dana; my cousin Chad. They served in the U.S. Army, the U.S. Army Air Corps; the U.S. Navy.

You are treasured. All.


Pretty, pretty, pretty!

10 11 2018

Gaia; La Sal Mountains

I’m not biased. … I just love those redheads. 🙂


Pretty, pretty

9 11 2018


If Tesora were any prettier, we couldn’t handle it. 🙂

Keeping it real

8 11 2018

Raven and Hayden

Raven is not impressed as Hayden calls to another horse.

Note to studs: Mares rarely seem impressed by the studliness of their studlies. 🙂


Hunters seem to be behaving themselves in Disappointment Valley, which is good news for all of us. One of the BLM law-enforcement rangers was out yesterday, making contacts and driving through Spring Creek Basin. We have so much appreciation for these guys, who never forget our little corner of their very large area (a little more than half a million very broad, geographically challenging acres). Thank you. 🙂


7 11 2018


Pretty Alegre observes from a comfortable distance.


6 11 2018


Skywalker was doing the walk-on-by, and with another band on a nearby ridge, his attention was focused on them. S’aka – of course – in the background.