Mother and daughter

17 08 2019


This pretty sabino mare and her lovely filly are with a stunning dark-grey stallion on Green Mountain.

By the time I’ve shown a number of photos of these gorgeous ponies, I’ll have run out of adjectives!

Half a century

16 08 2019

Kestrel and Comanche

Happy FIFTIETH anniversary to my mom and dad, Nancy and Dave!

Fifty years, folks. And they’ve known each other for years before they were married – since they were teenagers, hauling their horses to 4-H shows in Ohio.

The past 50 years have taken them across the country and across the Atlantic with the Army, and like many military spouses, they’ve spent long stretches apart (though, thankfully, fate spared my dad war-time service). Not always, but most of the time, they’ve been able to have horses, which means my brother and I got to grow up with horses, even as we changed schools and friends and moved around the country. I wouldn’t have changed it for anything.

They still have horses – in Texas now – and they still ride, though maybe a bit slower than the speed games they used to compete in (!).

Fifty-year marriages are becoming more rare these days. Both sets of my grandparents were married 50-plus years. Today, my parents hit that milestone. Wow. 🙂

Their love and support have guided me all my life – their love has supported each other and all of our family! – and I am profoundly proud and grateful to be their daughter!

Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad. I love ya’ll!!!!!!!!!


15 08 2019

Young horse, mare and foals in grey stallion's band on Green Mountain, Wyoming.

Many wild horses share something in common from range to range: Curiosity. 🙂

This youngster is with a beautiful band on Green Mountain in Wyoming.

Ray of light

14 08 2019

Mule deer on Green Mountain, Wyoming.

These mule deer were more curious than worried on Green Mountain as the early morning sunshine shrugged off the clouds and found space among the trees to spotlight the lovelies.

Mule deer doe on Green Mountain, Wyoming.

Isn’t she lovely? You can see her eyelashes from here! (Photo taken through the window of my Jeep, from the road.)

Green on the mountain

13 08 2019


When I think of ranges in the West where wild horses roam (as) freely (as possible), it’s hard to imagine a place so completely different from Spring Creek Basin than Pryor Mountain, which straddles the Wyoming/Montana border (drawn, of course, by human hands and machinations).

And then I visited Green Mountain, in central(ish) Wyoming.

My first visit, last year, wasn’t too crazy different, but I was, only briefly, in one very small spot of the whole herd management area. That small region of the area was wide open, and I saw a lot of horses during that visit, and of course, it made me eager for another opportunity to visit.

THIS year, blog reader and friend Prairie Girl (Lynn H.) gave me directions to a different part of the range – the top of the mountain! – saying that’s where I’d find the horses at this time of year, not down below, where they’d been the previous spring.

As it turned out, I found many more human beings (and their RVs and campers) than any four-legged wildlife (one elk cow and a handful of deer, as well as a couple of chipmunks), but in the very last place I looked (after taking in amazing (seriously – AHHH-MAZ-ING) views from the top of Green Mountain), I did finally find horses – right where Lynn had indicated on her map that there are “always” horses! 🙂

The horse pictured above is a stallion (I think), and he was with another stallion (I think). I spotted them at the edge of the trees at the edge of the road, and the above pic is the best I could get of him, from my Jeep, before he and his buddy slipped silently deeper into the forest.

It’s not easy (!) to spot horses in this amazing forested landscape (yes, this is a BLM herd management area), but it’s incredibly rewarding when it happens.

Huge thanks to Lynn for the directions and other information about finding these mustangs that are very near and dear to her!

So bay

12 08 2019

Cassidy Rain

Shiny, shiny, shiny! Could Cassidy Rain be any more gorgeous?!

Search among the sage

11 08 2019


S’aka grazes the good stuff … which is much more abundant this year. 🙂