Just another sunny day

22 08 2017

Piedra, Aurora and Terra; McKenna Peak and Temple Butte. Solar eclipse.

Except that it was the day of a solar eclipse.

It wasn’t particularly noticeable in southwestern Colorado. The light got a little “weird,” like a high, thin cloud was over the sun in an otherwise mostly clear sky. I didn’t actually look skyward, not having the special glasses, but the weird light lasted quite a long while – 30, 45 minutes?

No blindness was caused in any wild equines within my view (two bands). 🙂 In fact, as far as I could tell, their behavior didn’t change at all.

It seemed quiet … but it’s usually quiet in the basin. The only other thing I noticed was that it didn’t seem as hot as the clear, sunny sky suggested that it should have (our temps have been back in the 90s).

Our day of the solar eclipse was another gorgeous day in Spring Creek Basin. 🙂

The low view

21 08 2017


Seven. Always the joker. 🙂

He apparently didn’t like what he saw, so he dropped out of sight again and took the wide way around the little hill. Funny boy!

Green, green fields of home

20 08 2017

Green, green fields of home - Spring Creek Basin.

Have I mentioned how green it is in Spring Creek Basin these days? 🙂

Braided and beautiful

19 08 2017


Another black-and-white: Raven. 🙂


18 08 2017


Aspen in black and white.

What ARE ya doin’ up there?

17 08 2017

Aspen and Ty

Ty looks at Aspen looking at him and his band below a bluff above Spring Creek in Spring Creek Basin.

Happy anniversary to my folks!

16 08 2017

Love birds

Congratulations to my mom and dad, Nancy and Dave, for 48 years of wedded bliss!

They were horse-crazy kids and met showing horses as 4-H’ers. They grew up in Ohio, traveled the world at the behest of Uncle Sam, and now have lived in Texas longer than they spent in Ohio or globe-trotting. And of course – of course! – they still have horses. And cows and two of the cutest cowdogs on the planet. 🙂 And they’re pretty much the awesomest parents ever. Of course!

Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!