Green, seen

26 03 2017

Eating grass.

That’s the good stuff.

Eating grass.

That’s the green stuff, about-to-be-gone stuff. 🙂

Snow scenes

25 03 2017

McKenna Peak

Did I mention that we got rain? Upper Disappointment Valley got some white stuff. 🙂 That’s McKenna Peak in the foreground.

Temple Butte

Iconic and locally relevant and important-to-us Temple Butte.

Brumley Point

Brumley Point.

Brumley Point and Temple Butte

A different perspective showing Brumley Point in the foreground and Temple Butte in the background. Brumley Point is mostly within Spring Creek Basin Herd Management Area. Temple Butte is just outside the basin’s boundary.

McKenna Peak

Temple Butte and Brumley Point, along with McKenna Peak, are in McKenna Peak Wilderness Study Area, which overlaps the eastern, southeastern and southern portions of Spring Creek Basin Herd Management Area.

All three features are prominent from just about anywhere in Spring Creek Basin. The elder Mr. Brumley was a prominent member of the local community, and was a rancher and timber man; Pati and David Temple were and are prominently involved with advocating for Spring Creek Basin’s mustangs. I haven’t been able to learn anything about McKenna, but with a peak and a wilderness study area named after him, he (?) must also have made significant contributions to the region.

After the unseasonably warm, dry weather we’ve been having, it seems wild to see snow on the ridges, but the ground and vegetation needs it badly, and we’re immensely glad for the snow and the rain!

Happy days

24 03 2017

Corazon and Reya, La Sal Mountains

We got rain. 🙂



Model good looks

23 03 2017

Storm, Temple Butte

Do you love that face? What’s not to love?!

Temple Butte, of course, is always gorgeous when it plays backdrop to one of our stunning mustangs … in this case, Storm.

Middle of the day

22 03 2017

Spirit and Puzzle

Can’t go wrong with mustangs, water and that amazing skyline in Spring Creek Basin. 🙂

McKenna Peak is the sunlit pyramid at left, and Temple Butte is in the shade at right. Spirit and Puzzle are the spotted girls in the foreground.

Sweet spot

21 03 2017


To find Hollywood in the viewfinder is always to find the sweetest spot. 🙂

Happy spring!

20 03 2017


The snow on those ridges in the background is rapidly disappearing under our sunshine and near-80-degree temperatures.

It’s just March. It feels like June. Gettin’ scary.

Happy first day of spring!