Two girls, two views

27 03 2023

Madison and Temple. Temple and Madison. BFFs for many years. Still going strong.

After the squall

26 03 2023

The day after the wild little snow squall started sunny, turned cloudy, and then sunshine was trying to make a comeback toward the end of the day. The horses were peaceful in the cold temps (the mercury never made it out of the 30s) and sharp wind, putting their energy into grazing and slogging slowly through the mud. As winter tries to take a back seat to spring, energy seems to be at a low ebb. … Soon, we’ll all be feeling more energized!

Did somebody say spring?

25 03 2023

Colorado hasn’t yet received the message that spring sprang – by the calendar – a few days ago. Which isn’t much of a surprise: No human calendar means a thing to Mother Nature. Also, I think she likes being in charge, and to remind of the same. 🙂

(The above pic was taken yesterday late afternoon.)

Three amigas

24 03 2023

Technically, Terra (background) isn’t in the same band as Kestrel and Piedra. But she and her stallion stick close – and have for a couple of years. It’s the bond of mares, and the stallions live in *their* world. 🙂

Never drab

23 03 2023

Though Cassidy Rain is all kinds of lovely dark shades herself, in these early spring days, when it still feels like late winter, she is the bright spot in a still-drab landscape. And while Colorado is still getting snow (!), she and the rest of the mustangs are still wearing those fluffy winter coats. They do know how to adapt to Mother Nature!

Portrait of wild

22 03 2023

This is another case of having no idea what the mustang was looking at, but whatever it was, it held his attention.

We were west of Filly Peak – the rimrocks in the background form Spring Creek Basin’s western boundary – and Buckeye was looking into the cove. It’s a limited area, and I thought he might even be watching ravens or other birds, but darned if my human eyes could pick out what commanded his attention.

Whatever it was, it provided us with a wonderful pic of a mustang stallion, as free as he was meant to be.

Wide angle

21 03 2023

Just before I took this pic, Skywalker was standing guard on the edge of a little ridge, looking wonderfully handsome and marvelously picturesque. I didn’t think I’d have time to get my camera out of my pack before he moved … and as it turned out, I could barely get my *phone* out before he started moving. Luckily, Skywalker was still marvelously handsome and picturesque in the middle of the panoramic view!

Nature’s focus

20 03 2023

There’s a sort of odd 3-D effect to this photo that I can’t quite explain … but really adore. Terra is the sharpest – in fact, she’s the only sharp part – brightest part of the image, which is very true to reality!

Mustang camo

19 03 2023

If camouflage had a mustang theme, Kestrel would blend right in (get it?)!

Carrying on

18 03 2023

He nearly always reminds me of his great-grandpa Grey. But sometimes, the similarities seem more striking than ever. I can’t articulate them, really. It’s more than them both being grey with dark points. It’s their bearing, the look in their eyes … something maybe not definable at all.

I dearly loved the grandpa, and I love the grandson no less.