It’s 4 o’clock somewhere

30 05 2020

Four o’clock flowers are some of the iconic wildflowers of this part of Colorado and one of those we (OK, I) look forward to seeing most. They’re suddenly blooming in Spring Creek Basin, and they’re a welcome splash of color amid our brown, brown expanse.

Speaking of a splash of color … !!!!!!

Our skies lately have been blue, blue, depressingly blue (depressing while we’re looking for rain clouds). But the last few evenings, we’ve gotten some clouds toward evening, and those have made for some spectacular sunsets.

More little things

29 05 2020

As if we needed more proof that our mustangs are divine and under the shine of a higher power!

As May comes to a close, I want to remind readers that the comment period for our Spring Creek Basin Herd Management Area Plan EA is coming to a close (Saturday, May 30). If you’ve already submitted your comment letter, thank you! If you’ve procrastinated, now is the time to type out a letter of positive support regarding Tres Rios Field Office’s HMAP EA. It will guide the management of our mustangs for the next couple of decades and ensure that they are managed and protected to our highest standards.

Here’s the link to BLM’s eplanning site, on which you can find the draft HMAP EA and the button that will allow you to comment through that site:

Or you can send an email to our excellent herd manager (and author of the HMAP EA), Mike Jensen, at m50jense at blm dot gov.

Please note that you support Alternative A – Proposed Action. If you have personal knowledge of our herd and mustangs – whether by visits or even through this blog – please let them know.

Read more at my initial post about the draft HMAP EA at

And thank you. 🙂 We so appreciate your support.


28 05 2020

Temple and Madison glow in evening’s last light. I don’t know where they found the mud, but I’m glad to see it!

Little girl, big impact

27 05 2020

Some of our littlest friends have the biggest presence. Sweet Spirit always makes us smile.

Golden boy

26 05 2020

The stallion, the myth, the legend.

Hollywood of Spring Creek Basin.

Handsome. 🙂

Memorial Day

25 05 2020

Service and sacrifice.

Today, we honor those who died fighting for American freedoms.

Too many men and women, during too many generations, too many wars and conflicts.

We honor those who served and sacrificed, and we remember why. Here, especially, where we value freedom, we remember why.

Great big heart

24 05 2020

Our Corazon heads into the wind on a glowing evening.