Heart land

17 11 2018

Mariah and Winona

Their heads form a heart. They certainly own mine.


Looking ahead

16 11 2018


Juniper steps up from the bottom of an arroyo where she and her band drank from a seep.

Where it’s dry, it’s terribly dry. Praying for Californians …

Bit ‘o blue

15 11 2018


One of Kwana’s brilliant baby blues is illuminated in the last light of an autumn evening in Spring Creek Basin.


14 11 2018


We wish he was chasing storms, but alas, though it got cloudy and snowed in places like Telluride, on the east end of San Miguel County, the sky over Disappointment Valley and Spring Creek Basin remained stubbornly moisture-free.

Red light district

13 11 2018

pretty pintos

The autumn light is sublime.


12 11 2018


Every post – every mustang – could have the title “Pretty”!

Pretty Puzzle is just another one of our very gorgeous Spring Creek Basin mustangs. 🙂


11 11 2018


We live on the most beautiful planet in the universe.

Fact. 🙂

On behalf of this country that values freedom, thank you to our veterans … for your service, for your dedication, for the freedom of us all.

My dad, David; my grandpas, Ken and Walter; my Uncle Dana; my cousin Chad. They served in the U.S. Army, the U.S. Army Air Corps; the U.S. Navy.

You are treasured. All.