A most puzzly puzzle

29 01 2020


Do you see what I see?

There ARE three mustangs in this pic, and don’t feel bad if you can’t spot them. I passed them once and saw them only after I spotted the horses on the ridge where I am taking this photo, and turned around to get back to where I could most easily hike up to them.

Round Top is in the distance, and the treed ridges in the farthest background are beyond Spring Creek Basin.

Hint: There’s one grey and two dark horses, just this side of where you can tell the road is going to cross that arroyo in the sort of middle distance.

The days we live to love

28 01 2020


Look at Tenaz, lookin’ all handsome-like in the melty fresh snow, with the clouds clearing over the La Sal Mountains on the far horizon.

The clouds released rain on us first, in the dark of early morning. That turned to snow, even as the temperatures crept above freezing. And even as the snow fell, it melted and dripped from roofs and vehicles and filled old hoofprints in the lanes.

The basin got at least a couple of inches of fresh stuff – already very much melting by the time I spotted Tenaz’s band and he posed for me so handsomely. In the photo above, you can see the tease of sunshine on lower Disappointment Valley.

Want a better view of that faraway?


Heaven, you say? Yes, just a little part of it. 🙂

The grey and the brown

27 01 2020


Houdini is less than worried while Maia calls to a band mate across a small arroyo. Another band was in the area, and Maia apparently didn’t think her family should be too spread out.

Blooms ‘n bellies

26 01 2020


What is it with those snakeweed bouquets? 🙂

We do still have a bit of snow in patches. More is in the forecast tonight and tomorrow, but with temps in the 40s, it probably won’t last long. Still, it’s more moisture, and we need all the winter wet we can get!

The prettiest look

25 01 2020


“You can’t see me if I hide under this juniper tree!”

Dear, sweet girl. Yes, yes, we can. 🙂

Walking in the cloud

24 01 2020


Skywalker seems to be asking where his view has gone.


After an early morning with sunshine – and fairly warm (at freezing) temps – the fog rolled in again. And THIS time, I found a cooperative pony!

By the time I saw other horses, the fog had almost completely cleared, the ground had not only thawed, it was SUPER muddy, and the ponies were far from the road. (There’s hiking, and there’s hiking in MUD.)

And yes, it is M.U.D.D.Y. out there! There’s quite a lot of moisture on/in the ground … and we need more. There I go, being all greedy-like. 🙂

On the edge of soft

23 01 2020


Dark lady of the woods, Cassidy Rain.

The ground was just starting to thaw and get soft when I took this photo of the dark beauty as I was leaving the band after a lovely little visit (that also seemed sunnier than this pic shows).

“The thaw” in mid-morning (depending on sunshine and temp and overnight temp) is its own little natural miracle. It happens. It’s simple. It’s complex. It’s normal. It’s unique. It’s a wonder of nature, just like our mustangs.