Stop and eat the flowers

27 08 2016


Kwana eating flowers (anyone able to ID these “sunflowers”?) just cracks me up!

Slice of wild

26 08 2016


SunnyD rocks the sunset light, even with his boo-boo.

Highlight, gold

25 08 2016


Kestrel looks fabulous in any light, of course, but when it brings out her gorgeous gold … ahhh!

Just about perfect

24 08 2016

Ty, Temple Butte

Most days, I still feel Pati Temple watching over us. The mustangs must feel her gentle protection, too … especially when it comes in the form of life-giving rain.🙂

Magnificent 7

23 08 2016


And isn’t he?? His scars, acquired over a lifetime of living wild (Seven is 16), betray his status as a wild boy, but his good looks put him in pretty good company anywhere.


22 08 2016


Walking through the secret forest, Alegre caught a beam of sunlight.

She wears it well, don’t you think?


21 08 2016


Nibbling the itch all the while maintaining eye contact – brilliant!

And who notices the grass in the background? Our rain is too sporadic and hit-or-miss (mostly miss) to be considered monsoons, but the greening of the region is testament to the fact that SOME rain is NOT missing us!


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