Old habits

11 12 2017


Bounce has still got it!

Mostly, he’s enjoying calm days as a (seemingly) valued elder lieutenant stallion. But sometimes, he feels called to come to the defense of his band stallion.Reminder: Bounce is at least 30 years old.

I wouldn’t stand in his way!


Chunky monkey mustang

10 12 2017


Aspen has been making his (grocery) list and checking it twice to be sure he’s on the nice side of healthy mustang chow. 🙂

Most amazing wall

9 12 2017

Hollywood, Houdini and Maia

Lovebirds Hollywood and Houdini share a moment in front of the Spring Creek canyon rimrock wall before they head down for a drink.


High-country mustangs

8 12 2017

Above Spring Creek canyon

Above Spring Creek canyon counts as high country in Spring Creek Basin.



Two more for beauty

7 12 2017

Maia and Alegre

Maia and Alegre on a sunset march. Oh, so pretty.

Two and two

6 12 2017

Winona and Mariah; McKenna Peak and Temple Butte

A pair of gorgeous girls below a pair of Spring Creek Basin icons.

Redhead boy

5 12 2017


Hayden, in all the confidence of youth and hunkiness, was in no hurry to mosey down the hill to greet some friends. As it turned out, they ceded the turf to Hayden and went on their way – away. 🙂