Gold ‘n grey

17 03 2018

Alegre and Hollywood

Hollywood and Alegre watch horses in another band across the waving prairie of last year’s grasses in Spring Creek Basin. We did get some moisture … but the wind dried the land fast.


The prettiest black and white

16 03 2018


Juniper is still a shaggy girl … which is good because along with the few drops of rain we got yesterday came cooler temps. The mercury hit at least 71 degrees on Wednesday. Thursday, the temps didn’t break out of the 40s. We’d like more moisture, please. 🙂

So lovely wild girl

15 03 2018


Even when looking elsewhere, Mysterium has the kindest eyes.

The wind is howling, and we’re hoping for rain by morning.

The faraway gaze

14 03 2018

Mariah; Knife Edge

On a windy day, something in the distance caught Mariah’s attention. She certainly had mine.


Mr. Stout

13 03 2018


Tenaz the Stout looks after his band on a rare cloudy day in Spring Creek Basin.

Where is our rain? Colorado’s “wettest month” … ain’t.

At ease

12 03 2018

Terra; McKenna Peak, Temple Butte (barely)

Do you love Terra’s little smile? 🙂

And why wouldn’t she smile? She lives in a place close to heaven.

Glowy girls

11 03 2018

Houdini, Alegre and Maia

Three of the most gorgeous girls in the basin: Houdini, Alegre and Maia. 🙂