Little Mr. Hot-to-Trot

24 02 2018


Maiku struts his handsome self for the ladies … none of whom were particularly impressed. 🙂

The ground is white again after a fabulous and long snowfall Friday! Yay, moisture!

So grateful.


Surprise snow

23 02 2018

Reya; Temple Butte

Disappointment Valley and the surrounding area got a surprise snowfall Wednesday night and Thursday morning – or at least the timing was a surprise. Any snow is a surprise – and welcome! – this “winter,” frankly, after the terrible dryness.

Southwestern Colorado is classified now as “extreme” on the drought monitor. … As if we didn’t know.

But we have more in our forecast, and hopefully some will stick around. By late afternoon, the above, pictured with lovely Reya, was all that was left of a couple of inches of the wonderful wet whiteness.

C’mon, MORE! 🙂


Better than Hollywood

22 02 2018


All the glamour … none of the drama. Or red carpets. 🙂 He prefers four-wing saltbush and galleta grass anyway.

Bright girl

21 02 2018


Puzzle will need her fuzzy coat. After the “storm” that didn’t actually give us much moisture, temps are supposed to get cooooooollllldddd.

Soft grey

20 02 2018

Juniper; McKenna Peak and Temple Butte

Pretty Juniper models her shaggy winter-mustang look as she walks past McKenna Peak and Temple Butte. We got a bit of winter moisture … some rain, some snow, some graupel. Some of it even stuck. Briefly. 🙂


Why …

19 02 2018


… would we ever dream of taming that which is so wildly beautiful?

Steppin’ out

18 02 2018

Corazon and Reya

Corazon and his ladylove, Reya, match steps in the soft light of early evening in Spring Creek Basin.