More pintos

24 02 2012

It has been a strange winter, in a recent trend of weird winters. I haven’t actually driven into the basin in almost two months now. Partly mud (OK, lotsa partly), partly busy hiking other areas. Interestingly, I’ve seen the pintos much more this winter than any other band.

Here are some more pix from a couple of weeks ago, shortly after fresh snow (which is visible only on the background ridges).

Corazon with the unnamed promontory in the background.


Puzzle and mama Chipeta – love their spots.

Corazon and Maiku

Corazon, Puzzle and Chipeta

I think I’ve posted this one of Reya before, but I like it, so thought I’d include it again. 🙂


23 02 2012

Good news: Copper has reunited with the pinto band.

Although he looks like he’s moving through frosted greasewood, it’s not – just normal winter-grey. But there was plenty of snow underfoot, err, hoof!

Youngsters Maiku (front) and Puzzle napping in the morning sunshine.

Ty – who knew grey-on-grey could be so vibrantly beautiful?

Maiku and Ty

Pretty girl Reya is *glowing* with good health, eh?


Daddy Copper

I’m not sure when he reunited with the band, but I’d bet it was shortly after I saw them apart. The horses were visible right from the road – and very close – this day (about a week ago), but they haven’t been so visible or close since.


23 02 2012

Sweet Liberty is enjoying her new home and the attention that goes with having a loving adopter! Alice recently haltered Liberty for the first time – after she has had some training at Canon City and a local trainer – and, in her words, “I’m so jazzed!” 🙂

Liberty with trainer Dave Doubek.

She reminds me so much of her mama, Molly.

Alice said Liberty loves being brushed.

Doesn’t she have the sweetest, kindest eyes?

Alice is an artist, and she has already – of course – started painting her new muse. One of her paintings captures the kind set of Liberty’s eyes perfectly. I love how she knows her girl so well already. 🙂

Alice and Liberty – love. 🙂 (Note the little belly on the little bay girl.)

Ze & Asher update!

22 02 2012

These ponies are doing awesomely well, and I’m happy to share some new pix and report from adopter Tif!

Asher – this view of him just makes me laugh because this IS the view of him, coming up, curious, wanting to know what you’re doing.

Ze and his lovey Pepper in the snow!

We had lovely weather in December and January – not very Colorado-like, but lovely – and now we have winter.

From Tif: “Ze and Asher are both doing great. Amazing animals they are. I haven’t done much work with them via the round pen because our weather here has been horrible! Icy conditions are pretty unsafe.

“I turn Ze out every day either by himself or with one or two of my other horses. Ze loves Pepper, most all creatures do, two and four-legged alike, so he’s with her a lot. I have to split her time between Asher and Ze, it’s like having a parenting schedule! Ze also loves my daughter’s horse Sundancer, who is about 30. He’s not so crazy about Asher at this point, some jealousy going on with Pepper stuck right in the middle.”

Asher with Quest, left, and Mimi.

“Asher gets turned out every day, too, with my gelding (Quest), alpha mare (Mimi) and whoever isn’t playing with Ze for the day!  🙂 I plan to get him gelded pretty soon. He still gets pellets morning and night and gets locked up at night, too. Bad things can happen around here at night, and we’ve had some pretty severe overnight weather. He is so big, it’s amazing. His forelock, mane and tail are coming in beautifully, and what personality he has! He is almost 5 1/2 months old and still going strong.”

“Both have had their feet trimmed, their vaccines, both are halter broke and can be handled very easily. Ze is wary, as is his nature, but my husband can go out and halter him when needed. It’s truly amazing to think where these guys were and where they are now. They’ve come so far.”

Ze with 30-plus-year-old Sundancer, sharing chow.

“BLM came to do an inspection awhile back. Asher was randomly chosen for them to check on. I suggested since BLM officials were already here to go ahead and do a checkup on Ze so he wouldn’t be left out! All in all things went well. I was very happy to know that our local BLM officials were doing the home inspections. This gave me peace of mind that our horses were being checked up on. Mine got the all clear … they won’t be confiscating them any time soon!”

“Both boys have just had their feet done again and did pretty good. Asher was a handful at first and then settled in okay. Still have lots of work to do with him and his patience! He’s big enough that his head can reach up and just about over a five foot panel. Ze did wonderfully, as I knew he would. He’s still funny about his left side with strangers, but he’s getting there. They’ve both come so far and are truly amazing.”

Yes, they are!! 🙂

“I promise to get better pics when we have better weather! A big thanks to everyone who is interested in these guys and who have helped in some way. We all appreciate it.”

And I’ll leave you with a photo from farrier day guaranteed to make your hearts melt:

“Pic of Keith (my farrier) and Ze – can you believe it?!?”

Awesome. 🙂

Two mamas

17 02 2012

Had to do a post of these two beautiful mamas. Raven is due in May; Kootenai in August.

Kootenai. Perfect color-wheel pull of emotions, eh? Her gorgeous apricot dun against the frozen blue hills in the background. Love. She was very sleepy in the lovely sunshine.

Beautiful glossy Raven. Looking at something beyond my ken. Maybe one of the numerous wheeling, rollicking, diving ravens that live and play over the basin.

Air of mystery

16 02 2012

Mysterium the sweet.

Cannot even stand the cuteness of that squiggly baby mane!

And the lines above her eyes … they’ve stood out since she was born. Mama Kootenai has them, too, but they’re not nearly as out-standing.

Over the moon

15 02 2012

For this little guy:


Love. Him.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

14 02 2012

Day of love and hope and optimism. I hope it finds all of you – all of it.

Apollo and sister Mysterium.

Happy Valentine’s Day. 🙂

Grey and blue and white

13 02 2012

My beloved.

Isn’t he stunning? 🙂

Taken Thursday this week. That’s more snow coming in the background of the second pic.

Still has all his girls. He amazes me with his grace and beauty. I love them all … but HE is most beloved. 🙂

Tolerance …

12 02 2012

… thy name is mother.

You thought witchy wind knots came from never-ending gusts of indiscriminate, wild, howling, desert bellows, didn’t you?

And now you know the truth of the matter. 🙂

Baby Aurora yummie-yummed on mama Alegre’s dreds for quite a long time before mama finally got tired and took the step or three necessary to put her just out of daughter’s reach … her lock of mane resting now dark and wet and thoroughly gummed against her shoulder. Baby-girl turned to find something more appetizing – and nutritious? – at ground level.