True beauty

30 11 2017


Little Spirit has been to the Spa de la Spring Creek Basin. All eyes are on her as she struts her stuff.

Blaze-faced grey

29 11 2017


Kwana sports a muddy “blaze” from splashing in the mud of a pond.

Funny boy. 🙂

Takin’ a dip

28 11 2017


Denver, in nearly the opposite corner of the state from Spring Creek Basin, set a record high temperature yesterday: 81 degrees.

It was at least in the 70s in Southwest Colorado.

It’s November.

It’s alllllmost December!

Thank goodness we have good ponds; we really need some rain (or snow?!).

True gold (and black) gorgeous

27 11 2017


Yes, Julia, there IS gorgeousity in the wide, wild world!

Every day presents the opportunity to see – and appreciate – the natural wonders of this wondrous world we call home.

Raven seems to be appreciating the beauty of her own Spring Creek Basin home … but in truth, she was watching a nearby band.

I mean, really! These late-fall days have been GORGEOUS with a giant G. But if anyone has some jiggles in their dancing bones, we could sure use some moisture. 🙂

Under the giant

26 11 2017

Reya; Temple Butte

Pretty pinto ponies relax in the warm winter sunshine.

Herding cats … errr, mares

25 11 2017


Young Kwana has his hooves full trying to keep his mares in line – and all together.

Glorious golden grey

24 11 2017


Terra models her late-afternoon glowing finery.

Still grateful.