Handy scratcher

30 09 2019



When a mustang has an itch she just can’t reach … she’s happy to find a handy juniper tree in Spring Creek Basin’s north hills. 🙂

Desert alpenglow

29 09 2019


Even smudged with dirt, casually browsing along with his band after sunset, Comanche shines, embodying our peaceful wild.

Summer fading

28 09 2019


Sweet Puzzle-lita in the basin’s back of beyond. She looks summer slick, but the horses are readying for shorter days and colder nights and starting to get a little fuzzy.

Hunka punka rocka

27 09 2019


I can’t explain it, but it sure gives him a unique look!

Big red in the gold

26 09 2019



Are other words really necessary? 🙂

The long view

25 09 2019


Shadow. At her preferred distance from humans. 🙂

Raven season

24 09 2019


The ravens, always around, are everywhere now, lots of times, in pairs.

Our Raven, with her sleek, glossy plummage, is well named.

The big UFO-shaped hill in the background is called Round Top, though I like a friend’s name for it better: Saucer Hill. 😉 From the top of it, you can see much of Spring Creek Basin. From this vantage, in the basin’s north hills, you can see it AND much of the basin!

Flariest flare

23 09 2019


No pins or bling needed beyond what Mother Nature has provided by the light of our planet’s brightest star and the magic of the atmosphere that provides our breath of life.

Marchin’ on

22 09 2019


Our autumn light is divine … and our skies are full blue without a hint of the rain we need badly. Nights are getting chilly, and days are close to perfect, temperature-wise.

Kwana follows his band into the trees after they had grazed in the open for a couple of hours.

In the sunshine, it was warm enough for a T-shirt. As the sun sank lower, I was glad I had a fleece jacket!

So gold

21 09 2019


Two golden girls, enjoying a golden evening in a golden place on our big blue ball. 🙂