Handy scratcher

30 09 2019



When a mustang has an itch she just can’t reach … she’s happy to find a handy juniper tree in Spring Creek Basin’s north hills. 🙂

Desert alpenglow

29 09 2019


Even smudged with dirt, casually browsing along with his band after sunset, Comanche shines, embodying our peaceful wild.

Summer fading

28 09 2019


Sweet Puzzle-lita in the basin’s back of beyond. She looks summer slick, but the horses are readying for shorter days and colder nights and starting to get a little fuzzy.

Hunka punka rocka

27 09 2019


I can’t explain it, but it sure gives him a unique look!

Big red in the gold

26 09 2019



Are other words really necessary? 🙂

The long view

25 09 2019


Shadow. At her preferred distance from humans. 🙂

Raven season

24 09 2019


The ravens, always around, are everywhere now, lots of times, in pairs.

Our Raven, with her sleek, glossy plummage, is well named.

The big UFO-shaped hill in the background is called Round Top, though I like a friend’s name for it better: Saucer Hill. 😉 From the top of it, you can see much of Spring Creek Basin. From this vantage, in the basin’s north hills, you can see it AND much of the basin!