Flariest flare

23 09 2019


No pins or bling needed beyond what Mother Nature has provided by the light of our planet’s brightest star and the magic of the atmosphere that provides our breath of life.

Marchin’ on

22 09 2019


Our autumn light is divine … and our skies are full blue without a hint of the rain we need badly. Nights are getting chilly, and days are close to perfect, temperature-wise.

Kwana follows his band into the trees after they had grazed in the open for a couple of hours.

In the sunshine, it was warm enough for a T-shirt. As the sun sank lower, I was glad I had a fleece jacket!

So gold

21 09 2019


Two golden girls, enjoying a golden evening in a golden place on our big blue ball. 🙂


20 09 2019


It’s hard to acknowledge hate when surrounded by love in and for the natural world.

The planet – our home – is worth fighting for.

Fight for love. Fight WITH love. Everything you do with that in your heart, it’s worth something.


19 09 2019


Golden girl Chipeta in the golden light of an autumn evening.

The face everyone loves

18 09 2019


Of course, we have our own handsome beefcakes right here in Spring Creek Basin. 🙂

Killian is one of our very handsomest young stallions. (Yes, OK, I say that about all of them, young or otherwise!)

Gold ‘n bays

17 09 2019


This was the second of the three bands I saw in Piceance-East Douglas. They were quite a bit more wary than the first band, so I didn’t get to spend much time with them.

Notice the haze in the background; a prescribed burn was going on nearby. It was not close enough to be a danger to the herd, and the area received rain the night before, which served to cool temperatures for the first time in a long time.

It was a beautiful day on the range. Although I didn’t see many horses (the third band was far away across a road, arroyo and sagebrush-and-rabbitbrush sea), this is such a beautiful area that the looking made it all worthwhile. 🙂 And the horses just happen to be as gorgeous as any mustangs I’ve ever seen!

(The yellow-flowering vegetation behind the horses is rabbitbrush, also called chamisa. The rabbitbrush in Piceance was ahead of ours here in Disappointment Valley.)