Dark lady walking

29 02 2020


Pretty Cassidy Rain is getting in her daily steps up the east-west hill on a hazy winter evening in Spring Creek Basin.

P.S. Happy leap day!

Our pitter-pat boy

28 02 2020


Because that’s what he does to so many hearts. 🙂


27 02 2020


Sundance. Of course.

Mariah of the wind

26 02 2020


Ooooooooooh, that wind made the day COLD. Doesn’t the day look peaceful from the photo? Sure. … Except that Mariah’s tail is blowing sideways. 🙂

It wasn’t too bad, except that in a moment of seasonal misjudgment, I wore my summer hiking shoes instead of my winter hiking boots, the ground being completely dry and all. But it was my hands – under two pairs of gloves – that got a bit chilled. It IS still winter, after all. Even if Ma Nature seems determined to dry us out.

Black gold

25 02 2020


Rave-lita heads down the hill to a seep in the arroyo below. There’s still some snow on the north-facing slopes, but even that is going fast.

Grab shot

24 02 2020


Well, it’s still dry. We got less than a tenth of an inch of rain the night before last, and the ground and roads were dry before I got out with the horses.

In good news, the dry allows me to see lots of horses. 🙂

In the gold

23 02 2020


We got some drips and dribbles of rain last night. I’m glad for that much.