Sharin’ the love

30 06 2020

Skywalker trots off into a magical evening in Spring Creek Basin.

We can all use a little magic in our lives. And all magic is best shared!

Grey-day bright spot

29 06 2020

Yes, you’re seeing clouds in the background above McKenna Peak and Temple Butte. We’ve had some nice clouds. … And we’ve had more red-flag days. And smoke. And heat.

So handsome blue-eyed boy Kwana is a welcome sight for sore eyes. 🙂

Pretty little red in the gold

28 06 2020

Just a peaceful pic of our favorite little redhead mustang girl. 🙂

In the know

27 06 2020

Pretty Piedra always gives me such a knowing look. … Thing is, I wish I knew what she knows!

On a mission

26 06 2020

Maiku’s not letting anything get in his way on the path to evening water.


25 06 2020

It’s hot.

It’s dry.

It’s dusty.

There’s still beauty.

Pretty, pretty, pretty

24 06 2020

Terra. ‘Nuff said.

Some black, more blue

23 06 2020

Raven heads to evening water with her band.

Those blue skies are resoundingly, depressingly, never-endingly … you know … blue.

But at least the ponies are doing well during another hot, dry summer.

Trotter, not walker

22 06 2020

Skywalker wasn’t done harassing the bands he went to visit … even as the sun was dropping beyond the far horizon.

Happy Father’s Day!

21 06 2020

Happy Father’s Day to all the daddies who teach us what we need to know!

Happy Father’s Day, especially, to MY daddy, who’s still working hard on the ranch in Texas (with my mom, of course) to cut, rake and bale hay (!) to feed horses and cows. His support and love enable me – still – to do what I do.

Thanks, Dad! I love you!