30 09 2015


Lovely Winona at the end ‘o the day before the super moon wowed us all.


29 09 2015


Hollywood looks on, unconcerned, as Sundance creates a dust storm nearby. Love his regal expression!

Super eclipse o’er the wild ones

28 09 2015

Sundance under the lunar eclipse.

The “super moon” – already in the first phase of its lunar eclipse – rises over Spring Creek Basin’s Sundance.

Hollywood and Shane under the lunar eclipse.

Hollywood and Shane under the lunar eclipse.

Hollywood under the lunar eclipse.

By this time, it was pretty dark, but the eclipse was just getting started.

Super moon, blood moon, harvest moon ... lunar eclipse.The last one of this type occurred in 1982; the next one won't occur until 2033.

What a gorgeous night to watch the lunar eclipse over Spring Creek Basin with the wild ones! Many thanks to Kat and Ginger, who shared it with us!

B&W beauty

27 09 2015


Handsome, really. Corazon was reaching for a fly … love the *look* he gave in the middle!

Awesome moon over mustangs

26 09 2015

Juniper and Gaia under the rising moon, Spring Creek Basin.

Maybe not “super” yet, but gorgeous all the same. Juniper and Gaia look all kinds of beautiful under the swelling moon, rising over Spring Creek Basin. And yes, it was an all-kinds-of-beautiful evening with the wild ponies. 🙂

Lucky boy

25 09 2015

Seven and Puzzle

Seven and Puzzle – what a handsome couple they make. 🙂

Who’s the lucky girl?

24 09 2015


Because only a girl could get a look like that from a guy like that.


On a sadder note, our hearts break for the West Douglas mustangs that have lost their freedom … and in a few cases, their lives.

Pot o’ gold

23 09 2015

Rainbow over Spring Creek Basin.

Rainbow over Spring Creek Basin. The sun had set over the western ridgeline, but the remnants lit up the basin’s eastern landmarks, including McKenna Peak and Temple Butte.


22 09 2015


Comanche was coming over to check out another stallion in the area, but he seems to be coming to say hello to his human visitors!

In honor

21 09 2015

Skywalker and Kwana

Not a very recent pic, but in honor of having seen the boys yesterday, too far for pix, here they are, sweet and handsome.