Lady bay

30 11 2021

Beautiful Madison in a field of “amber waves of grain” – or grasses, as is the case is in our Spring Creek Basin. Autumn colors of a subtle type. 🙂

The best light …

29 11 2021

… makes a mustang radiant. 🙂

My grateful heart

28 11 2021

No matter the day on the calendar, to see this guy makes my heart happy.

Storm and his band were moseying and grazing their way toward a pond when I took this pic. When I first saw them, from yonder way across the basin, they were dropping off a ridge above a seep. I hustled back in the Jeep to the start of the trail, then hustled along the trail to where I thought they’d be. Whether because of the low sun casting a glare or because they were still in the arroyo, I basically walked past them on a ridge when they were below. By the time I spotted them from just above the seep and then walked the arroyo to them, they were basically right below where I’d parked! I’m so used to them being elusive, I’m not ready for them to be practically right under my nose. 🙂

A little spot of light

27 11 2021

One last glimmer of day’s light in Tenaz’s glorious eye as he walks into hill’s shadow following his band.

On the wings of light

26 11 2021

Just a little rush to catch up to the band … but Mariah sure looks gorgeous at a rush, doesn’t she?

Giving thanks

25 11 2021

For mustangs.

For water.

For wild.

For beauty.

For peace.

For family.

For friends who are like family.

If they’re – whatever and whomever they are – in your life, be thankful.

Today, especially, we give thanks for all the bounty of our lives.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your families!

Daughter of wild

24 11 2021

The lovely Winona. She always evokes such a sense of peace.

The Force

23 11 2021

The Force …

… is strong with mustangs.

… is strong with Mother Nature.

… is strong with the wild.

… is strong with the freedom of Mother Nature-watched-over mustangs in the wilds of Spring Creek Basin.


22 11 2021

Aiyanna (dun pinto) and Rowan are making themselves very much at home in Spring Creek Basin with their marefriend Dundee and stallion Buckeye. No one would know they’re transplants from one wild country – far north of here – to this wild country.

Just another mesa girl

21 11 2021

Clearly, Spirit has been enjoying some mud baths lately. … And no rain – or snow! – to wash her clean again. It’s a dry ol’ November out there, and we’re ready for snow (we’ll take moisture of any kind).